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    Three things to turn Call of Duty around for the WiiU

      There is alot of talk about Call of Duty, and where its future is at for the WiiU. In my opinion there are three things that need to be done to turn around the Call of duty Franchise for the WiiU, and I really hope the developers take these into consideration (assuming somehow someone from the developing team will care enough to read the WiiU forum)


      1. Support. For me it all starts with support. The developers need to show the same amount of support for the WiiU owners that all other console owners are getting. To me it shows the lack of integrity the developers have if they wont back their product with the same support as everyone else gets. I don't mean its okay if you throw us a little update every once in a while, I mean we deserve ALL the SAME support EVERY console is getting, as long as it applies.


      2. Downloadable Content. Yea yea I know they just released Free fall for WiiU owners, which is great and all I mean believe me I'm not complaining about it. But at the same time it pisses me off. Because it shows me that they CAN develop the DLC for us they are basically just too lazy to and don't care enough. I also see this glimpse of DLC as an insult, because it looks like me they are trying to say "here is a map, now quit ******** at us to give you more content" it's just a way to get us to shut up for a while.


      I hear a lot that the reason WiiU hasn't gotten more support or DLC is because the lack of player base for the console. Well guess what, the very reason there aren't players is because right now there is absolutely NO reason for ANYONE to buy COD for the WiiU. I mean seriously. Think about it. The only reason anyone with a brain would buy COD for the WiiU right now, is if the only console they own is the WiiU (like me). So if you want more people playing the game, you need to bring us the same support and content you are giving everyone else. Now this brings me to my last and most important point.


      3. Okay, say we fix the support and DLC problem, and WiiU owners get the same support, and same content as the other consoles. Yay, that's great, we would see a lot more people returning to play Call of duty for the WiiU, BUT it still wouldn't make the majority of gamers switch from their Xbox One, or PS4 to the WiiU. Well, here is how we could fix that, and make the number of players on the WiiU finally reach a 6 digit number.


      Exclusive Nintendo IP content. So here is the idea, for every map pack released, give WiiU players one WiiU exclusive map, that is themed as a major Nintendo game. For example: a map that resembles a life like version of Hyrule Castle, Or a map that takes place on the inside of a star fox spaceship. I know those may be bad examples, but just imagine where that could go. Along with maps there could be a camo or weapon released that again is themed to match a Nintendo game.


      I believe this would give that final incentive to make a more casual gamer with a Xbox and WiiU, switch to playing COD on the WiiU.




      I know its wishful thinking. And I can say that I'm 99% sure this would never happen, but hey, no one ever said a guy cant have wishful thinking.


      What do you guys think?


      (Now that I'm done typing this and procrastinating... I will go write my Biometrics Memo...)