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    New DLC gun announced for XBox Season Pass Holders

      IW announced on their Instagram account and via Twitter today that there is a big announcement tomorrow for XBox Season Pass Holders.




      According to Charlie Intel, this is a new DLC gun called "The Ripper", and Season Pass Holders on XBox will have early access to it. http://www.charlieintel.com/2014/03/05/season-pass-holders-to-get-early-access-t o-new-weapon-the-ripper-news-coming-tomorrow/


      It appears to me that the gun has an in-stock Ammo Cartridge, a digital sight that can be flipped up or down with a pretty cool animation, and is a Hybrid of an Assault and SMG. If you look at the LED display on the back of the gun, in one sequence it reads SMG in Red. In another it reads ASLT.


      There also appears to be glimpses of new maps, one looks to me like NYC as it appears to have  broken down Brooklyn Bridge in the background (just wild speculation on my part). My guess is that the Ripper (if that name is correct), will be included with the second DLC Pack as well.





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