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    error code 4096


      I'm getting this after update. Says server down. Anything I can do?

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          Just updated a few minutes ago and am getting the same thing on ps4. Pretty awesome.... /sarcasm


          Happens after sitting on "Fetching Online Profile" for a minute or two. Says to check the ghosts status page, which is completely useless.

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            same here I get a black screen on fetching online profile

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              Unplug modem and turn off ps4 andit works

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                I just tried it still nothing.

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                  4 hours later and having reinstalled everything on my PS4 still nothing. Seems the £100 I have spent on the game is now redundant as the game is broken.


                  Well Done IW

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                    Ive been getting it a few times as well.  I close the app then start it up again seems to work.

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                      I powered off my ps4 twice and back on and it worked. Just give it a few minutes in between..  Maybe 5. Was down for about 10 minutes after the update.

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                        It has been happening to me since the Onslaught DLC came out.

                        I get it basically every time I try to "Play Online."

                        I try to login and then the "Fetching Online Profile" pops up and then I get "Error Code: 4096"

                        It's been happening ever day and every time I try to get on since the Onslaught launch weekend. And the servers on http://www.callofduty.com/ghosts/status is at Defcon 5.


                        How do I eventually get on... Persistence.

                        Just keep trying over and over again. I'll watchTV and just keep trying to double tap X without having the TV on PS4 input. Just keep hitting X, X every few minutes. Some times I get on and others I run out of time and the few hours I have to game pass without being able to get on. Other times it lets me in after a few attempts. So now I'm at the point where I'm considering not signing out, just leaving the PS4 on and staying on the "Find Game" screen. I really shouldn't have to do that just to play online. It's ridiculous! Constantly online PS4 dedicated solely  to COD: Ghosts.


                        I've tried everything I can think of from my side. I even upgraded my internet package just to be sure that I wasn't being kept out because I was connecting slow or not getting enough band-width. I get pay for 50Mbps download and 10Mbps upload, now what I actually get is about 30Mbps download and 5Mbps upload. This is the fastest package that my cable company offers.

                        I should be fine with speed and I've never broken any of the gameplay rules. So What's the deal?


                        It seems like there is a bug in the Onslaught DLC. I NEVER had problem prior to Onslaught's PS4 release. I'm not a programmer, but I'm a logical person. It seems like there is a bug involving Onslaught or the most recent update.

                        Is there anything I can do to fix the issue?

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                            Same issue since the last update on PS4.

                            Weird part is i can enter when a friend sends me an invite. (through the PS4 menu i enter the game)


                            Do something about it or at least tell us how to solve this problem

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                            What I did is to turn off the console, unplug it from the power outlet and plug it back after 30 seconds to 1 minute.

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                              I just got this error out of nowhere. The only new thing is the Cpt. Price skin and stuff. I saw the message saying blah blah blah error 4096 then tried again. Same thing happened, so held down my PSN Button, clicked "Turn Off PS4", then turned it right back on, got on Ghosts and now I'm on!

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                                I've gotten this while "fetching online profile" sporadically since Sunday, 3/23/14.  I thought is was an issue with my ISP (Fios) but I go here - Call of Duty®: Ghosts || Game Status - and (only) the PS4 is at DEFCON 4 stating ALL ONLINE SERVICES ARE FULLY OPERATIONAL, BUT BRIEF INTERRUPTIONS MAY OCCUR DUE TO SERVICE MAINTENANCE OR ISSUES AT EXTERNAL SERVICE PROVIDERS.


                                What's going on?

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                                    What's going on is that Infinity Ward isn't aware of the problem cause quite yet!

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                                      I saw a tip on the forum somewhere when I was searching about the 4096 error.  Just let the game load up slowly and don't try to enter online right away.  If I try to go online as soon as the game loads I get the "Fetching Online Profile."  What I have been doing lately is go to the Store and then wait for your Friends to populate in the bottom right.  I give it a few more seconds after the Friends show up and when I go to Online it no longer does the "Fetching Online Profile"

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                                      I've been dealing with this bullshit now SINCE THE LAST UPDATE. DON'T UPDATE SOMETHING IF IT'S JUST  GOING TO CAUSE OTHER PROBLEMS. fix it already. for an hour I tried to get the ps4 to load ghosts. powered off, powered on, unplugged, logged out, etc. bunch of ****. I don't spend my money to have to do this crap. fix it or I'm off to buy an XBOX.

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                                        What I did was to delete my save file and it works.

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                                          This began for me after the DLC download as well.  A 50-50 shot that I will either get on, or get error 4096 when I try to go into multiplayer games.  There is nothing wrong with my setup....even contacted PSN and they placed blame squarely on servers for COD.  They also gave me contact info for them.


                                          As I am still seeing this problem, guess the COD folks really are not taking this as a serious issue.  I never had a problem like this on any of the other COD products I purchased....but this WILL certainly impact my decision as to purchase other products from this vendor......


                                          This issue needs a better resolution than to tell me to reset my whole household internet path in order to possibly gain access to their servers.....and this "solution" does not consistently work either.


                                          I am very frustrated.

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                                            There is a solution to Error 4069.


                                            I did not think of this, kudos to another Forum member.


                                            Load Ghosts until you get to the Multi Player menu, select Store (not play online) let the store load the graphics 'Season Pass etc' it does not take long. Once loaded go back to the MP Menu and press (Play Online) you will connect to a game immediately with no delay or error code.


                                            I had this error code for 3 weeks, started doing the above and now I do not get this error, nor do my clan mates.

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                                              SINCE THAT CAME THE PROBLEM APPEARED ONSLAUGH ALREADY VERY UPSET WITH THIS PSN. I contacted CONTACT THEM, SHOW complete disinterest. I dont know what I can do. I WILL GO TO XBOX ONE! TRASH PSN.