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    Who has an Xbox One Clan me and my gf can join?

      hi me and my gf are looking for a clan to join. we are looking for gold and up that actually play clan wars and win. we have tried 3 clans before and once clan wars started no one played and the whole roster was inactive. We are looking for a clan that is fun to play with, but when it comes to clan wars has all active members during the time of clan wars and play to win. I have a 1.56 k/d and 1.77 w/l  she has a .0.60 k/d and 1.2 w/l  her k/d is only bad bc she plays blitz and just runs for the objective. we are both talkative and objective players


      our gt  are DeadlyVenom87 and RAMBO RAGE87

      if interested in us msg  us on xbox live or reply to the forum.