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    Kinda Bummed Guys!


      I tried to defend this game since launch saying the only issue I have had was silly spawning, but tonight was the last straw.  I can't stand the community that plays this game...campers, dropshotters, quickscopers, sure "I need to 'adapt'" but I just don't have fun with the game the way everyone plays it, so I'm taking my 360 and xbox one copies back tomorrow and will hopefully get more than $10 total for both.  The game is fine, it really is...but when you have the people who go mega MLG headglitch pro on me night in and night out, it wears on me.  I envy you guys that can have fun and not get frustrated.  I told myself I would play until I didn't have fun...the last few nights have been a miserable wreck.  I will probably buy the next call of duty because they are going to hype the **** out of it and get me pumped.  I will enjoy it for the first few months and then all the said mega MLG tryhard pros will find the easy mode class setups and campspots and ruin my fun...and I will sell it and wait for the next one after that.  Sooner or later I will completely give up on the franchise, and I don't want to but like I have said...it's the community, not the game.


      Have fun, and game on!

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          Here is the problem with what you said.


          The problems you have with the game are NOT because of the players, but because of HOW THE GAME is designed. With poor map design, poor thought out perk systems, and poor overall game design flaws, the entire "fun factor" is dictated on those decisions. As long as the developers make these spots, and give us these weapon setups, WHY would the players looking for an "easy pass" use any other weapons/perks or use any other tactics?


          I have been saying for YEARS that the map design needs to be "toned down" and made a bit more simple. The twisting paths, tall grass, multiple levels, dark spots you can blend into, random clutter, poor sight lines, etc. are just getting ridiculous. If you go back and look at maps from Black Ops, and Black Ops 2, those are EXACTLY the way maps need to be for a 6v6 game. Most of them were PERFECT size (firing range, summit, raid, slums) for what this game needs. There should NEVER be periods of time on ANY game mode where it takes 2-3 minutes or 2-3 laps of running around a huge map to find enemies.

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              I also find it hard to play. I have no problem playing previous COD titles. When i started out on this one, i was like OMG. Its hard to differentiate between players and environment even without the gillie suits. The spawns are terrible, you spawn in front of an enemy, or an enemy will spawn in on you. To say the least i struggle with this game so much. Even the bots are ridiculous in the fact that they post up in corners. The clan wars function should go back to the way it was where you can only compete with a full 4 man team. They should also keep people from joining the clan wars matches if someone has left or been DC'd. The team balancing is also terrible here also. 

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                     If a person isnt having any fun, there is not much sense in playing. Everyone has different tastes, and if this isnt yours, theres no point in torturing yourself.


                     What gets me though are comments like this -----  ". If you go back and look at maps from Black Ops, and Black Ops 2, those are EXACTLY the way maps need to be for a 6v6 game. Most of them were PERFECT size (firing range, summit, raid, slums) for what this game needs".


                  MOST of the maps ? You meantioned 4 for 2 releases. Are you forgetting cracked, jungle, summit, wmd, array. MOST of the maps from blops were closer to the size of the maps in ghosts than they are to the maps in bo2.   As a matter of fact, I think ghosts fits pretty much in line with the playstyle from MW, WaW, MW2, and blops. Mw3 started some shrinkage of the maps..... and bo2 just went way out in left field somewhere.


                  Like I said .... to each his own. people like what they like, and dislike what the dislike. Its all fine, its a matter of opinion. But if you are trying to compare, and say it should be more like the older stuff ..... you need to go back and play something older than mw3,  because the chaotic clustrer*@!! that bo2 was must have caused some brain damage, and completely destroyed your memory.

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                  You probably have god awful reaction time & got destroyed in BO2 because you suck. Maps were perfect for 6v6, idc what you say. Same with BO1 maps. These two games map design wise were on point. Ghosts is just big, full or unnecessary corners, & amateurish movements. Dont tell me youre here defending this piece of **** game.

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                      BO2 had such bad connectivity that it wouldn't matter how much reaction time you had, black ops 2 was too quite, too small, too fast but most of all too laggy.


                      And no I didn't get smoked in BO2 I did very well, but despite that it was by far my worst COD experience.

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                        No counterpoint? Just sling insults.


                        He is stating fact. The maps in ghosts are not different than any other cod. Camping is this cods buzzword.

                        These kind of comments come every year, the difference is, every year people blame something else.

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                          You know what's for amateurs, no foot steps.

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                            I didnt do too bad in bo2 ..... and I actually liked the game, although to me it was a letdown.I like the fast pace, but not every single match.

                               there needs to be a nice mixture. A match or two running around like a fool where its about nothing but reflexes and luck. Where most of the gunfights arent about which of the two gets the better of the other , but series of I shoot him while he shoots my teammate while that teammate is shooting another enemy who's shooting at me. I probably played more nuketown moshpits than anything else. But then let me excercise my brain for a match or two for goodness sake


                                And I'll say it again because you keep saying bo and bo2 were perfect ..... bo and bo2 were absolutely nothing alike. Go play some bo for a while. Refresh your memory a bit and come back and deny that over half the maps in bo were bigger than the largest of the maps in bo2.. If you liked the first blops you ought to like ghosts. If bo2 was the only release you've ever played, then I could understand you thinking that ghosts is so different.

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                          I was really concerned what I was getting into opening this thread.  I now see you did not really mean the title to read like it does.

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                            I bet he played last night

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                              If you were from the UK you wouldn't say you were 'bummed'.