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    Clan Needs 1 more player

      I am looking for 1 to 5 people that fit this criteria on xbox 360 for ghosts. (I also have an xbox1 and would like to play titanfall but thats another discussion).


      KD must be above 1, or have some other stats that redeem the lower kd

      You must put in a lot of hours during a war (we request 10, i usually put in 20)

      You have to NOT be an ass hat (meaning no degrading opponents, shouting into mics, and other douchebaggery)

      Must be mature (16+ is a requirement, but most of our clan is around 30)

      Must have the CoD app or a way of quickly communicating


      Some of the benefits of our group is that I filter members really well now. You will not play with people who are annoying, you will play with people who have interesting and fun personalites but still like to be competitive. Our clan has only been through one war and is slowly working its way up to platinum then diamond. We have been in the higher divisions but branched off to focus on what is important to our members, which is mostly winning and fun. Hit me up (here or xbl) and I can go into more benefits and rules that we enforce on ourselves.


      Raging Pillow X  on XBL