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    Clan Wars is unfair: Hardcore is being neglected.

      I'm a clanleader in a clan where we primarily play hardcore modes. In fact we don't play core modes if we can help it. The problem is that in Clan Wars core modes prioritized. There are more points to get, and there for a better chance of placing better in clan wars, if you're a clan which is only playing core modes. I think that is unfair. That being said, I am aware that there are more game modes in core and some game modes just not are cut out for hardcore (Blitz would be near impossible).


      But now they have introduced double node system, where a game mode can be represented in 2 seperate nodes. It would seem fair to me if there was an equal amount of nodes for hardcore and core in every clan wars. 5 core and 5 hardcore.


      In my current Clan War there a 8!!! core modes and ONLY 2!!!!! hardcore modes and frankly I think that's a joke! My clan has NO chance of winning the clan war. If we'd been a core-clan we'd have no such trouble.


      So bottom line, I'm just pointing out that Clan Wars are unfair, and this should be fixed. Hardcore Clans should not be neglected.


      Please comment and/or share if you feel the same or think I'm wrong.





      Clanleader iTrooper

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