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    (PS3 & PS4) ~Keep Calm & Nerd On~ (Xbox 360 & Xbox One)

      Hey, How's it going? Well enough about me. KCNO is now recruiting.



      Is your KD or WL a problem when looking for a clan? Can you only see out of one eye? Have three toes on one foot? Well that's not a problem here!


      We will accept anyone and everyone who applies to the clan. No requirements! None! None at all, yes, you read that correctly!


      We participate in Clan wars as often as we can, but winning is everything!


      We just want everyone to relax, meet new people, chat about how big their dogs paws are, and possibly what they had for breakfast.


      If you're interested in joining the clan, apply through the app (KCNO <---- Clan tag. Clan name-------> KeepCalm NerdOn) or message me (LumpyPlug)



      Thanks everyone for your time!


      You can shoot me a message and a like on my face book page. You can reach me their for clan invites or any other CoD help!




      LumpyPlug | Facebook




      Clan Info:

      Commander; LumpyPlug.

      Name; KeepCalm & NerdOn

      Clan Tag; KCNO

      Level; 17

      Division; Silver

      Platform; Playstation 3

      Members; 11 on PS3. 1 on XBOX 360.


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