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    The Ripper Some Gun Information:

      As a season pass holder I got the ripper just about an hour ago. I did some testing in a local game and I thought I would offer some of the data if anybody is looking for statistics on this gun. Keep in mind that I don't have the actual numbers but these are pretty good aproximations.


      The ripper for those of you who don't know is a new SMG class weapon.  It has the silencer, muzzle break, flash supressor, foregrip, extended clip, armor piercing and rapid fire attachments available.  The gun does not have the underslung weapons, or single shot, or burst fire attachmetns available despite being a hybrid weapon.  It also doesn't have any optical attachments available. Intead the gun has it's own special sights. When you ADS on the weapon you can push the melee button to switch between the two weapons modes.


      Reguardless of the mode you are in, the gun moves, ADS and reloads the same. It has the default SMG handling, 100% movement speed, a tight hipfire spread and .2 second ADS time. Hower it's rate of fire, recoil, damage, and range all depend on what mode your are in. 


      Mode:                 SMG                 AR

      Shots to kill          3-6                   3-4

      Range              12m to 17m          Aprox 30m

      Rate of fire          850rpm              640rmp

      With Rapid Fire   1000rpm              750rpm


      It should be noted that the above numbers are apporximations and the first numbers on the range are not the start of the damage drop, but when the weapon changes in the number of shots it takes to kill. This weapon has omnidirectional moderate recoil.  It is has a tight pattern on a wall test even at range, but the kick is very difficult to accomodate for. It behaves a lot like the honeybadger AR, but has less center speed. The recoil is higher in SMG mode do to the higher rate of fire.  In SMG mode you are designed for very close combat using a post style iron sight that is somewhat obstructive at longer ranges. When in AR mode the post spilts and creats something akin to a low zoom tracker sight that doesn't highlight enemies at range.  Check out the trailer of you want to see what they look like.


      The gun reloads times are approximately:


      Full:       2.9

      Empty:   3.1

      ADD:      1.9


      The gun has a 32 round clip or 48 with extended mags. Again, the numbers here are mostly apporximations taken from me timing the gun with a stop watch and comparing its range to those of a few known weapons.  I could be off and there is likely some rounding error as well. The gun overall is an intersting addition to the game. As an SMG you have the bizon's range and recoil paired with the VEPR's rate of fire.  In AR mode you have the AK-12 rate of fire with the honey badgers range, damage and recoil.  It's going to find itself outclassed by many of it's peers in a case by case situation.  But if you are looking for a very flexible weapon it fits that build pretty well offering you both an SMG and an assult rifle rolled into one little package.