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    Bring Spyro back. I can help out.

      Can you pretty, pretty, pretty please with a cherry on top, give Spyro a new saga or his own games again? There are a crap ton of other people who want the same thing. I have a lot of ideas if you want any. Seriously, I have amazing ideas!!!

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          Since Skylanders, I doubt it gonna hapen, but good luck =D

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            You could try to merge Skylanders with the Spyro Saga, it mayworks ;-D

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              I have a script, I'd like to give them a new spyro, the legend of spyro: the rebirth of the dragon, where this time is 4 pj, spyro cynder, flame and ember, including a script of 321 pages with 20 chapters, but with segundarias missions and mini-games, I mainly saved characters as ignitus chronicler, Malefor and Gallo.

              recordademos 3 parts as Twin City, the well of souls, and something else, attach the ps1 with the trilogy of the legend, there is a portal that takes you to other planets and we can choose world, even a portal, space we have to recover eggs and kidnapped dragons, includes humor, sadness, drama, love and many action, but activision I find him to comment, and I'm a Spanish, he wants the two trilogy that fell into oblivion, the dragon and the legend, fans call him murderers of children, to switch to spyro and crash bandicoot forget, also told me that people come back as the first crash, I have ideas like you, but the problem that read, I'll leave these outfits 3d done in blender, and expect some news in particular.


              one greetings from Spain in the Cantabrian Sea