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    Conduct Unbecoming

      I am playing Call of Duty Ghosts on an Xbox 360 and please let all of the programmers know that I love the game. There are a couple of tweaks that I feel would make the whole Multiplayer Mode experience better. One is a User Selection that should be located in the main Options menu. The other is a gamer behavior modification that must be addressed in order to make this game play better.


      Suggestion #1 – Under main Options menu > Ops Audio Selection > provide three choices please.

      1. Mute All. This means mute every other players’ microphone jack. I don’t care if there’s a headset plugged in or not. I don’t want to hear about your day, I don’t care to hear you audition for Idol and when I said you I mean you. Select Toggle Mute handles the 7 year old that screams every time he is shot, stabbed or blown up. This is how I have to do it now because I haven’t located the Mute All option. I Select Toggle Mute for each individual player while sitting in the lobby. Unless I do it to everyone (yes, treat everyone the same) this does not help when Captain Jackwagon wants to plug in a mic and give me his post-game analysis during the last 2 seconds of the final scorecard. Please give a Mute All under main Options menu and I’ll take the responsibility of turning it back on at the point in time that I deem fit.
      2. Mute All Except My Party. Ok, same as above – this means every other mic jack is OFF beyond what’s included in my party. Could work too if I am the only one in my party but that’s what Mute All is for now isn't it? I like talking to myself. Some days it’s the only intelligent conversation to be had.
      3. Hear All Ops Audio. This means I want to hear everyone else that’s playing even if they are an itchy little scratchier … until that point in time that I have had enough and want the other option. I can choose. Seems simple right?


      Bonus Option #4 - Make everyone else sound like the Zombies. I have grown accustomed to the moans & groans of my Zombie friends. The Zombie never whines when he gets shot, stabbed or blown up. The Zombie never complains or wants to pick a verbal fight with an unarmed opponent. Just make everyone else sound like a Zombie while I play Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer. They can moan loudly as they stab me in the back or shoot me in the head from afar. That would be cool!


      Suggestion #2 – Penalize Ditch & Bail.


                     By this I mean that if you join a game and the seconds tick off then split into groups and you dump out of the game running from all others then you deserve consequences. If you are one of the four left and you leave the game just because we are behind then you deserve to suffer consequences. This happens all too frequently. Last night I was in Core KC and 12 split into two parties of 6. Two with the same Clan Tag are in my group and Ditch because there’s 3 on the other side with the same Clan Tag. That’s the coward’s way out and you should be shot. This left 4 of us and one by one they Bail leaving me with 5 minutes left on the clock to face the 6 players on the other side. I lace up my boots, grabbed my gear and finished the drill – no matter what the outcome W/L or Draw. This also is a grave concern for the poor soul that joins late and gets dropped into this hornets’ nest simply because the first 5 left an open spot for him to occupy and the server generously placed him with me (we both say thanks!). Our K/D Ratio and Win% both suffered because of the first 5 cowards showing conduct unbecoming. Here if I were the gamer god these 5 Ditch & Bail artists would receive an automatic penalty of having their overall K/D Ratio multiplied x (0.5). That would send a message and would repeat as many times as necessary until they properly modify their behavior. Their precious K/D Ration would sink to 0.01 if they didn't straighten up. Now that’s a message sent loud and clear that I think everyone in the group can understand.


      You may have deduced that I myself am in a great minority. I am in the over 50 crowd and I enjoy taking it to the young guns in much the same way that John Wayne, Chuck Norris, Charles Bronson or Clint Eastwood would. John Wayne never ran from a fight. All my heroes were cowboys in one way or another and allowing this cowardly behavior to continue sends a bad message to our young ones (the not 50 yet crowd). The same grievous behavior is shown by the Clan Clown Supreme that claims your K/D Ratio must be over 1.0 or you can’t be in my Clan. That is enabling behavior like this to occur as they think that they are providing some sort of incentive (to have a high K/D Ratio). Much the opposite is true. You have a high K/D Ratio because you let others do the work for you. It may be a reflection on your situation, don’t care. Talk to Grumpy Cat.


      My advice is don’t be afraid to fail, dive on in, play the objective and have fun. Each Game Mode and each map is set up for a different style of play. In real life it’s the same way. You also must remember the seven deadly sins. As the gamer god I would allow wrath, greed, pride, lust & envy in Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer but sloth and gluttony would have to go. Don’t be lazy, do your part and realize that you can’t lie, cheat and steal and get away with it. There are consequences to your actions that will be realized at the time when you are caught – and you will be caught. That’s what makes this a civilized society. We all follow the same rule set. Otherwise our society falls into ruin and chaos and the Zombies take over. You've played the game.


      It’s just my two cents worth. Please take my intellectual property such as it is and use it for good. Don’t try to sell it to another because that too would be conduct unbecoming.  Thanks for listening… Awaiting incoming hate mail… Jerry A

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          Re: Conduct Unbecoming

          The ditch scenario that you described was the clan boosting for wins.  Hopefully you reported them since what they did has already gotten a number of clans slapped with a -650 cP in their clan war.  I'm a little surprised that clans are still doing that but then again some people just refuse to learn from others mistakes.

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              Re: Conduct Unbecoming

              I will keep that in mind. It doesn't matter to me and I don't recall the Clan Tag. Not being familiar you're saying that when they are in the group when the seconds tick off and it splits us they get credit (even if they're not there or helping) if we should win the match? That seems odd that they'd trust me to win it for them, shorthanded and all. I am in a Clan but none of the other members are active. At this point I'm holding one node in Costa Rica all by my lonesome. Wish me luck 'cause we'll see how long that lasts. Must Rally the Clan and get some help this weekend. Thanks for your insight into whats going on!

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                  Re: Conduct Unbecoming

                  The guys that ditch take a loss but if their clan mates are on the other team they have basically handed them the win by leaving.  That's how some clans "win" matches so quickly.

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                Re: Conduct Unbecoming

                Not sure if this works on the 360, but on the One you can say "Ghosts, Mute All" and "Ghosts, Unmute All" to accomplish #1 and #3 (assuming you have a Kinect and it is plugged in and turned on). This works in the lobby or in the game. In the game you can also do this in the menu system...not sure how to do it from a lobby aside from via voice or muting each individual.


                As for #2, I agree there needs to be this option. Though I personally wouldn't limit it to a party.  I would have it mute everyone except those in your friends list, in your XBL Party, and those in your clan.

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                    Re: Conduct Unbecoming

                    Thank you. This evening I'll try the Kinect method. We have one but it isn't connected at the moment. I'm with you on #2 too!


                    A coworker said that I could hit Start on the controller and access Mute All. I tried that last night but it didn't work. This morning he said it could be I'm trying to do it in the Lobby rather than in the game. With BO2 you can do it while in Lobby - that's what I was thinking of.


                    Thanks again, Jerry A

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                    Re: Conduct Unbecoming

                    Fish - My 2 cents on the ditch and bail.  If the match hasn't started, no issues.  But if the match has started and you back out for any reason (boosting, dog licking your toe, or getting smoked by another team)  You should not be able to start another game session until the match you exited is finished.  I know this doesn't fix all boosting, but it does penalize the habitual rage quiters.

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