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    Clan Recruitment

           I am a 22 year old married man, and have been playing call of duty since it first came out when most of you were still in diapers lol. I am A LOT of free time since I don't work. I participate in EVERY clan war and stay up for hours just to get ahead of the competition. I consider myself very good at COD ghosts and any other FPS.

            My wife participates in clan wars with me and we are both very involved, competitive, and are prepared to OWN CLAN WARS.

           I am looking for additional players who are serious about winning and are involved in clan wars. If you want to be on a clan that is prepared to win, and have a great time doing it, feel free to send me a application or message me on Xbox Live!


      Clan Name - Darth G Killas


      Gamertag - Darth Garrisen

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