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    Jordan obviously most difficult song in history

      So I don't even play guitar hero frequently, nor any other video game, but I used to be a mid-high tier expert player when I was 14-15 (about 5 years ago), and I decided to purchase GH2, GH3 and GH: 80's for nostalgia.


      I can beat TTFAF consistently with 500-520k; more or less depending on my bravado that day. It took me a handful of tries to beat devil but it happened. I then tried Jordan expecting it to be easy considering I had passed the other two allegedly 'hardest' songs out of any in the series, but to my dismay, I failed at 60%. I had beaten once when I was young, but I do recall how difficult it was. I had thought age would defy the songs difficulty...


      BUT HOLY ******* ****. How do people incessantly claim that TTFAF and devil are more difficult than Jordan? I guess the reasoning is that Jordan is short, but it sincerely is ******* not about quantity. TTFAF I can pass naked with one eye and standing upside down. I tried Jordan 5 times and rage quitted because the notes are so much ******* more difficult than the likes of devil and TTFAF that it's asinine people could even attempt to make the notion that anything but Jordan is number one on the list as the hardest GH song ever.





      Somebody show me empathy, I cannot be the only one. Also, GH2 seems to be more difficult overall than GH3 and above games, I assume the engine? Can somebody explain to me the distinguishing factors between the engines?