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    Anybody got a good Ripper Class Yet?

      I got ahold of this weapon yesterday with the rest of the season pass holders. It's a fun little gun but I am having a hard time tailoring a build to it.  Statistically it's inferior to most of it's peers in terms of each mode.  As an SMG you have the range, recoil and damage of the bizon paired with a slightly slower fire rate close to the VEPR's.  As an AR you have the range and damage of the FAD paired with the reminton's rate of fire and the honey badgers recoil. The weapon also has a small magazine and it's reload it towards the longer end of the spectrum.


      However, these statistics were done to balance that you have two weapons in one. The gun doesn't have the underslung or fire mode attachments of the assult rifles since it's an SMG and it has no opticl attachments either. This makes it hard to customize the gun.  I was wondering if anybody had a good build with

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