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    Hackers in every other lobby in TDM

      Way too many hackers being seen over the last week. This game is getting un playable to enjoy now. Almost every other lobby i join in has at least 2 hackers. #1 sign your cheating is if you have no prestige emblem and its black box instead.  #2 If you are level 10 prestige in less than 6 days played not likely and impossible i dont care how many days of double xp you have and if your stats dont add up to being that good in the first place. #3 right scrolling over to the players stats and they have insane stats but when you click over to lobby leaderboards they are just average players. I encountered a player last night that had a K/D of 326.00 and his winning % was 20.00 and he only had 4 days played yeah ok not even possible. #4 Auto Aim and you clearly point these players out if you watch kill cams and they are pulling off every shot with a headshot kill and their weapon only fires when it is highlighting you and doesnt miss a bullet even when you are running. #5 Players have every weapon gold and have the Wild Widow Magnum & Mini gun as a secondary weapon at all times. #6 Advanced UAV and Wall hack yes i have seen plenty of this if you suspect a player of doing this hide in a remote spot and see if that players comes and kills you or if the player is always pre firing around every corner that you are coming around. #7 Support/Assault Killstreaks the player has all Assault Killstreaks set high and even if he dies like Support Killstreaks they still get their Assault Killstreaks. There are more hacks but these are the most obvious ones that you can point out and report in game.


      PLEASE REPORT THESE PLAYERS from what Activision has told me they no longer get any chances it a ban of the account asap even if they purchased the maps.


      Im really getting tired of this lately and just makes me not want to play now until that stupid hack is fixed. And yes it is a legit hack that you can download and add anything you want as far a hack in the game. Stupid kids like bragging about it and 1 even told me about it and i looked it up myself and saw thousands of comments on it with everyone asking if they can get that on their account. All these players are pathetic and have no real skill and most of them still suck even thou they hacked.

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          1. Re: Hackers in every other lobby in TDM

          Funny you should post this.  I was in a TDM lobby last night and one of the guys in the lobby had the black box where his prestige should have been and right about the the time the teams got paired he said, "Prepare to get prestiged Bit<hes!!"


          As soon as he said that people started leaving the lobby like it was on fire!  But not until at least 3 other people told him they were reporting him.  He just laughed and said, "No prestiges for you then."  I left after that myself.  These idiots just don't care.

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            2. Re: Hackers in every other lobby in TDM

            I make it clear to everyone in the lobby that this person is cheating and report them. Most say how is that person cheating and i explain it. They do all think its a joke i have asked them why do you do that. Answers always the same > I dont care, Dont have time to play this like you do and have no life, Its fun annoying everyone cause i wont get banned, Im not hacking its a glitch, Go ahead report me i dont care and the best is when they just leave the lobby because they know they are screwed at that point.

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              3. Re: Hackers in every other lobby in TDM

              I fired my grenade launcher at a guy standing in a doorway in HC, it blew up against the wall right beside him. So, he decided it was a good time to shoot me for my troubles.  I checked the score, he was 11-0 that was 3 or 4 minutes into the match. I figured I'd let him go on and get his 35-0 without me and I left. 

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                4. Re: Hackers in every other lobby in TDM

                I think im gonna take a break from this game for awhile because its so bad right now with so many players using this hack and most of them are using the Aim Bot hack and Wall Hack. You dont even have a chance when a player is pre firing around a corner before you even get there cause he can see you throu the wall.

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                  5. Re: Hackers in every other lobby in TDM

                  i have had this happen to me about a dozen times in the past 2 days, I'm also done till they patch it.

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                    6. Re: Hackers in every other lobby in TDM

                    There is no such thing as aimbot for consoles.

                    You are not joining modded lobbies even once a week.

                    You are getting beat. Suck it up.

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                      7. Re: Hackers in every other lobby in TDM

                      You are terrible. And people like you are why it takes atvi so long to catch the real modders. You say you don't "care" yet you report everyone who beats you. Sad. Another victim of the participation trophy generation.

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                        8. Re: Hackers in every other lobby in TDM

                        Im terrible that why im posting a 4.40 K/D  ratio in TDM. I know who the real modders are im not dumb and not everyone who beats me is called a cheat. Most times i die is cause some p_ssies send the whole team to kill me because they have no skill to do it themselves or i get killed by a random killstreak or a randomly thrown grenade. I win most fights 1 on 1 and im not a terrible player. But i know when i cheat is a cheat and like i said i play with friends and if we suspect something we watch it a few games before reporting that player. Keep your stupid comments to yourself and read the post fully before making a comment. Go look up the hack and you will see all the mods it offers and have fun trying to kill those that have it when they can see you throu walls and pre fire before coming around a corner or whatever. and have Auto aim all at the same time. You have no chance but to get lucky with a headshot kill first.

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                          9. Re: Hackers in every other lobby in TDM

                          Here's another flaw in your story. You say you have a 4 kd , and you say you run into "hackers and aimbot users"  "every other game". Seems to me if you were running into so many cheaters your kd would not be 4.

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