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    Need more bigger maps like Stonehaven, Whiteout, Stormfront

      I only play TDM and personally bigger maps means more skill & less camping to get kills. On small maps all everyone does is camp in 1 damn spot the whole match till they die then find another spot. If you join a lobby with a party on the other team or a clan they camp as a team like b_tches the whole game and because its a small map they can hold down that area really well and my teammates are always dumb enough to keep going over there feeding into the enemies killstreaks and getting destroyed. Big maps take more skill to kill players from afar instead of people spraying and praying for short range kills and if someone wants to camp there are plenty of ways to get behind them cause the map is large enough to find another way. I know many people dont like the big maps thats because you suck at long range fights and cant use most of the long range weapons. I see where the DLC's are now heading because so many people have complained about these maps being too large. Remaking old small maps that I or others never enjoyed in the first place is getting annoying. Why not remake maps like from COD Black Ops > *Array, *Jungle, *WMD, Stockpile, Zoo, Hazard. COD WW3 > Bakaara, *Vilage, *Outpost, *Mission, Interchange, Liberation, Black Box. Just a few examples * my favs. Maps i will never play or care to because they are simply too small and no one enjoys getting spawn killed on Strikezone ruined it by giving out a KEM, Free Fall everyone sits on spawns and waits, Nuketown dumbest map ever made, Dome spawns where really bad, Maps that are too small to get any kind of a killstreak going  and if you die spawning and dying instantly in front of an enemy. I know im not the only 1 who feels this way about small maps. I think bigger maps takes away from camping, spawn trapping, and being able to use sniper rifles, LMG's & assault Rifles more where real skill comes into play play instead of spraying a shotgun or sub machine gun around every corner.

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