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    IW can you please not make K/D's public!

      Have you ever had a really bad game and then you see the little line graph of your K/D and then get trash talked in the next game? That is why I don't want K/D's to be public!

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          Mute them. Problem solved.

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            It's times like this, when a question gets asked, that maybe forums shouldn't be so public......

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              Seriously dude man up. You really got so upset over some people making fun of your K./D that you made a thread about it?


              As for taking away K/D that will never happen. This sounds crazy and overdramatic but if they took away K/D I would not play CoD anymore. K/D is like a rank for me it is something that I check almost every game as I am always trying to raise it. I like comparing my K/D to other players and I like checking out other players K/Ds in the pregame lobby so I know what I am going up against. It is my main motivation and I know it is many others motivation as well. If they ever did take it away they would lose thousands of players no doubt.

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                Vulcan Hades

                Use that butthurt rage to motivate you to get better.

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                  I have to agree.  The K/D stat being more public with the recent update has not only caused the lower skilled players being insulted more often, but now people will worry about their recent K/D and avoid objectives even more.  It's bad enough Call of Duty: Ghosts revived the simplistic killstreak system that dilutes the merit of objective pursuits, and now I have to deal with this recent K/D crap.

                  ~RUGGED SAVIOR

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                    I wish K/D wasn't so important to people. I play plenty of games where as soon as people are negative they camp up untill they are positive again, I get sick of people ignoring objectives because of it as well. It's really annoying trying to win a game of dom single handedly while your team are too busy trying to keep their K/D intact whilst still getting heavily beaten.


                    The way I see it, someone with a genuinely good K/D doesn't need to bother with it because they are good enough to hold that K/D without needing to try to raise it. People who care about K/D shouldn't play to keep a good K/D, they should focus on improving their game so they have a good K/D regardless.


                    I don't think it is a great way to measure player ability, just because a player has a good K/D doesn't mean they are good, who knows how they managed to get it. IMO player skill is shown by a mixture of K/D W/L and accuracy because it shows how good the player is at winning gun fights, how valuable they are to the team effort and how efficiently they can kill with weapons.


                    As my good friend says "K/D only matters if you win"

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                      As long as people can artificially double or triple their KD by dashboarding every time they are having a bad game it is a completely worthless stat.

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                          Vulcan Hades

                          Good point, imo the game should know when you rage quit.


                          It's easy to detect that you are dashboarding because you're having a terrible game.  Once the game detects a rage quit it  should make your K/D even worse than if you didn't dashboard. I don't think it would be too hard to program, some fighting games have implemented such systems to punish rage quitters that disconnect.

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                          I wouldn't let it bother me if I were you. After some of the stuff I've seen over the years all stats are suspect in my eyes. Especially the stats of trash talkers. You could easily raise your KD in this game just by playing infected. Some of the people harassing you have probably done just that while others may have done a lot of dashboarding and the remainder are probably miserable people looking for some company. Play "your game" and have fun.

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                            Yeah, that's not gonna happen. If you are conscious of your K/D to such a degree then practice more and get better. If this was your K/D in TDM, then you have no one but yourself to blame for a bad K/D. There is also the fact that in TDM K/D means literally everything. Anything under a 1.25 in TDM, i consider worthless and nooby. Since it means that you essentially die as much as you kill. That isn't always true as i have noticed, but most often the K/D shown in TDM ends up being correct. There's nothing better than destroying a team that makes fun of you in a pre-game lobby, so strive for that.


                            Now to the people that think that K/D is the cause of camping, you are sorely mistaken. Since if that was the case, explain why BO1 was a rush fest 3/4 of the time. If ya never played BO1, then i'll explain why it relates. BO1 literally shoved K/D in your face every chance it got, literally. In game,after game, and in lobby it showed K/D like it was your name. Yet People were fanatical for run and gunning. Sure you had your campers, but they just sat in a bush crouched/prone or in a building and rarely did very good. In short they were generally noob's. So who cares lol.


                            So then what is the problem in Ghosts? I think it is the kill times that are causing the lack of movement on most maps. 1v1 combat skill is effectively thrown away in this iteration of CoD:Ghosts. It comes down to who shot first, and because of the kill times you cannot get away. This causes people to be a bit more careful, causing people to play more reserved. There are many people who don't have a reaction time of 0.300ms or lower, but instead have excellent eye & hand coordination. When you're dead in 1/4 a second, no matter the situation or gun, what's the point of that coordination with slow reaction time. High latency doesn't help with the issue either.


                            Now back to the OP with his craziness. K/D is a very important motivator for many player's, and that is in no way a bad thing. If you think that then look at every sport. Now take away the player statistics, now what is left? Nothing important to differentiate them from each other. I don't care for sport's so im not gonna make myself look like a fool saying stats that may or may not exist in a sport lol. Though i'm sure you get the picture. In CoD people want something to brag about, then let them. If you can't handle them laughing at your's then stop caring. If you care about your K/D, then don't be a hypocrite by wanting it gone.


                            Essentially what this thread does is asking to destroy a large amount of player "Fun". Now keep in mind that fun is subjective. Which means that you're opinion is no more or less important than the next player. Should IW take away something from a large population of player's just because you can't handle some D-bag's silly trash talk? No, they should not. I suggest you either "adapt" to it, put your head in the ground and mute them, or simply go play Mario. Wait they keep and show stats in that too im sure, so i guess you're screwed.