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    K.E.M. Not Powerful Enough?

      Why is a KEM a 24 gun streak when all it does is take out the whole team once?  You can do more damage with a Helo Pilot which is around 12 straight up kills. So is the KEM Strike not powerful enough? If someone get on a 24 gun kill-streak they deserve to beast and feast with a KEM and not just take out every opposing player once. Especially if they did that to get the KEM.

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          Re: K.E.M. Not Powerful Enough?

          Conversely you can say the K.E.M is a guaranteed kill on everyone on the opposite team, even though you may have killed the same player 24 times, which is equally ludicrous in itself. The Helo is easily avoided unless you are completely idiotic and continue to run around outside like a headless chicken.


          Add to the fact you can now get a K.E.M strike from a care package by getting ONE single kill in the entire game; buffing it would then by default be nothing short of disgraceful.

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