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    How to download the Free Fall DLC if your NNID is younger than 18.

      If you try to download the DLC and the eShop says: "You are not old enough to view or purchase anything about this title." Then this step by step process will help you obtain it.

      1. Make another NNID that is older than 18, it shouldn't take that long. (You can use the same email for this one as the one your trying to play it one.)

      2. Plug a flash drive into the USB Port of the Wii U(Note: It will delete EVERYTHING from the flash drive, so all important files should be moved onto a safe location.) Also, if you want to know if your USB is supported by the U, go here:

      FAQ External USB Storage for Wii U | Wii U - External Storage Device , it should be under the "External USB sources that have been tested to been supported by the Wii U", personally, I used a Cruzer 4GB.

      3. Once the flash drive is formatted, on your gamepad you should be able to see a small blue USB symbol in the lower left of your Wii U home menu.

      4. Once this is visible, go onto Ghosts and when it asks, click "Go to the eShop." on the MP Menu.

      5. Agree and download.

      6. Now, once you've finished downloading, it will send you back to the 1st screen it sent you to on the eShop. Press Home, and go to "Download Management."

      7. You should see "Call of Duty: Ghosts Downloadable Content."

      8. Click the game, it should ask you to wait for it is installing DLC.

      9. Once it's done, your good, you have the DLC on any other NNID you make as well because it is on an external harddrive.

      10. Enjoy the Game!