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    BlessTheCursed is recruiting for PS3 and PS4!!!

      We're currently recruiting for PS3 and PS4 players! We have a large member base. We have taken 1st in several clan wars. We're currently in Platinum. We are level 19. We're closer to a family than a clan. We like to have fun and joke around and most of all win!



      K/D .80 or higher (negotiable if a very active player)

      15 or older (must prove maturity)

      Must have mic (crucial for communication)

      Must have an active e-mail


      Last but not least must sign up to our website


      Website instructions:


      Go to www.blessthecursed.com

      In the top right corner click log in or register and create an account (easier done from a computer)

      After creating account go back to the homepage of our website

      Scroll to the bottom under the clan news and fill out the application that is there.

      Click submit, wait for us to get back to you! (usually same day, if not almost immediately. Contact will be made through psn on our decision.)