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      hi just wondering if any of you know how to not get ddos'd? it happening every game when all i want to do is just to play a fun game of competitive.

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          The only thing you can do is just look at most "fake masters", that's what I call them when they have to boot to win,,Anyway all you can do is look at their recent games and if you feel it doesn't add up then just back out.. It's better to back out then getting ddosed and having your modem/router getting messed up from it.... Everyone know that it's illegal, but it's nothing that 3arc nor activision will do about it;especially, when these bad kids can get it off YouTube for free.......


          98% of booters on league play on both 360 and PS3

          2% of people that actually have gun skill that is on league play


          Honestly, it's a lot more ddosers on xbox then PS3..When i was playing on PS3 i ran into maybe 1 or 2 booters the whole 5 days that I played........

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