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        40. Re: worst call of duty yet?

        Maybe im the odd guy out, but I like playing all the COD's so far. I actually played MW3 for 36 days playing time! I just try to accept each game for what it is and just play it and have fun. Ok you get Lag, campers, nerf this, buff that, bad spawns etc, but even that isn't all of the time. My fav was COD4 MW, decent sized maps, 3,5,7 streaks and good weapons etc, but there isn't any that ive hated.

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          41. Re: worst call of duty yet?

          A lot of the community like MW , it always gets mentioned in posts, maybe going back to 3 kill streaks that are the same for everyone may bring that vibe

          The stat system was good , the maps were some of the best created , weapons perks attachments seem to work. I didn't really have a problem with lag. I clocked 35 days on that game , I don't really think I'll be doing that on Ghosts(4 days) Those titles kept most of  us interested,, instead of being in the forums complaining on how they F#cked this game up


          Is the Call of Duty community ready to go back to that ? (I still think players will complain)

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            42. Re: worst call of duty yet?

            With the way technology has advanced, players will always complain on the forums about this and that. In the past it was just players complaining in a lobby or to friends, so it may seem to be a bit out of proportion.


            MW always gets mentioned, because of MW2. There are not many fans of the series that do not love it. Maps, gameplay, etc.


            This game really isn't that bad. It has a couple lame maps, but for once, the guns are balanced, and this is a gun vs gun game (compared to previous ones). In the past it was camp for a couple kills and let your KS go to work. This is not my favorite CoD installment by far, but people will always complain about something... it is just easier to do so in front of a large audience now.

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              43. Re: worst call of duty yet?

              Same here, I actually liked all the Call Of Duty games.


              You do get things that annoy you in the games, but the only thing that really ruins the experience for me is when you get lag issues or technical problems like errors or crashes, but i have enjoyed playing all of them.


              I think Ghosts is a good game, I really like it.  I just think that they rush games out now before they are ready for release and rely on patches to fix the problems.

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                44. Re: worst call of duty yet?

                the first 2 deaths are the only ones i'm talking about. 


                how are you playing hc on this game?  i see under 1000 players in every game mode when i go to play hc, my favorite from bo2.  that's not enough to have anything other than an egregious bit of lag. 


                i normally run a remmington or ak12 on that map and different streaks.  again 2nd match with those teammates and they were not going to play the objective.  i was hoping maybe i could either keep b by myself or keep taking b and use the sprinting ability to rack up kills while they tried to cap b.  the mtar is not an ideal setup for that class at all though.  i always run vector but wanted to try something else.  so far no other smg feels right though.  running vepr now, but it takes way too many shots to kill someone.  thought it would be more like the p90 from mw3, but it is largely ass. 

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                  45. Re: worst call of duty yet?

                  for me mw2 functioned the best, it just had oma, commando, and a couple glitches.

                  wasteland and derail could have died in a fire too, maybe throw strike in there whilst we're at it.


                  bo2 was the best cod so far by a mile, if you exclude lag and the camera problems.  even the campaign was better (though bo1 had the mission where the vc ran up the hill at you.  i played that map once A week probably).  scorestreaks were perfect.  now you are forced to play the objective if you want those high killstreaks.  first cod where playing the objective got a real reward, and not just one kill essentially.  i stopped running highstreaks because everyone quit when i got anything from the warthog up, so i ran what would be 6-10 kill rewards like the war machine instead. 

                  the lag on bo2 however made me want to drown toddlers in a bath tub

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                    46. Re: worst call of duty yet?

                    if there was a theater i could prove this wrong in 2 matches tops.  camping is epic now.  whole teams camp a room.  played a game where i got about a 5 kill lead on those dbags and then left them in there.  we won by 5 and after time had expired.  i think the final score was around 40-45.  every stonehaven game is a time limit game.  every kc game is a time limit match unless you play in a group or get really lucky with your randoms.  i've had more confirm than the entire enemy team combined a few times.  it isn't rare.  i dropped 45 kills in tdm on prison break and won when time expired, it's on my channel but i think i cuss quite a bit in that video so i can't post it here it think.  i'll watch again.  the game is slower than corky from life goes on

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                      47. Re: worst call of duty yet?

                      I'll admit I see more camping in this game than previous versions, but it's not enough to make me rage quit or anything.  On boards like Stonehaven I just cross my fingers and hope for the best because it's really the only stage that I'd call a camping paradise (some would argue Stormfront as well), but in other's defense that board was made for long range sniping or long engagements.

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                        48. Re: worst call of duty yet?

                        My opinion is that this game is different from previous titles. You have to know the maps, because in some parts you have to run and gun and in some parts you have to take it slow. It is really noticeable when strikezone gets destroyed. I have to use an smg in the normal map but once the kem strike hits I have to switch to an ar or marksman rifle. Funny because the size of the maps do not change just the some of the layout. I think that all the maps are like it.

                        Beside that all the normal issues that plague COD games (lag, douchebag players, etc) are here, nothing new.

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                          49. Re: worst call of duty yet?

                          Yeah by the way, the ripper will probably be the game breaking gun, like the ak74-u with rapid fire for black ops, for double fisted fmg's in mw3 (pre nerf).

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