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    So how do you like Scrapyard...I mean, Ignition?

      Maybe IW was hoping that most of players who play Ghost weren't around for MW2 because Ignition is so blatantly similar to Scrapyard that the it wasn't even 10 seconds after starting my first match that I was having flashbacks.


      I mean holy dogshit the maps are so identical that they left a forklift in the same exact spot. The vehicle garage is laid out the exact same. the downed plane in the middle of the map! Sure they dressed it up a bit, but not very well. there' that giant ball in one corner of the map that's oddly similar to a water tower on Scrapyard that was in the same spot.


      Remember that truck that was on fire next to a generator located in the opposite corner of the water tower? Well there's the same configuration on Ignition, only the truck isn't on fire.


      Most obvious to me is the office building adjacent to the warehouse. The stairs of the office building are exactly in the same configuration as Scrapyard and same goes for the decrepit warehouse/hanger. There's a ladder on side and the other has stairs leading up to the catwalk. Can it get any more similar? Yes, it can. There's the same vantage points and window set up followed by something more coincidental, everything is laid out on the map in the same order. The giant ball (which to me looks more and more like a water tower) is next to the office building, the ramp leading into the garage is on the side of the warehouse/hanger thingy. It's all laid out the same.


      The reason I care so much about this is that I paid for this map. I mean why not have the common courtesy to give me the same map. it's insulting to try to sneak a poorly masked copy and paste job into the DLC. From now on, instead of trying to tell me that the DLC features 4 new maps just come out and say, "DLC feature 3 new maps and a nostalgia map". Far less of a slap in the face.


      You could at least take me out to dinner first...