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    Can we get some pistol cammos ?

      I really love this game.  But's it's lacking one major thing.  The primary weapons have a very nice selection of cosmetics available for them.  However, the secondary weapons don't have any cammos so I am stuck with just the basic models for the gun. Further more secondary weapons cannot even change the reticles on their sights.  Now infinity ward has had time to come up with space cats and a rubber duck cammo, but they cannot even take the time reskin the pistols and launchers in this game.


      I am into this game for 141 dollars total.  I bought the game originally on the xbox 360, I paid 10 dollars to upgrade it to the xbox one.  I bought onslaught singularly.  Then last week I decided to buy a season pass because I wanted the ripper early.  Plus I have the extra slots, a cammo pack and the hazmat suit just for fun.  I am not mad about any of it, My brothers and I have cumulatively over 400 hours into this game and we have 3 dlc packs coming out so I am definately getting my moneys worth. 


      But is it really too much to ask to have a gold plated 44 maginum to go with my gold plated SVU?