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    I am a camper and I'm proud of it!!!

           People are always so mad about campers. Saying ," Campers have no skill."  or ,"Why wait for players when you can hunt for them." and especially the...,"Campers ruin the game." excuse. Well let me tell you something right here and right now... DON'T HATE CAMPERS! HATE YOURSELF FOR NOT KNOWING/BOTHERING TO USE THE THINGS THAT COUNTER ACT CAMPERS! Really I'm tired of all you rushers, you snipers, and even you shotgunners. There are perks you know right? You can use SitRep so that you know where the I.E.D.s are. You can use that perk so that explosive damage is weak to you. Heck, you can spam concussions to get into the room and catch us off guard. Well guess what after we kill you once you keep coming back so that it becomes entertaining and not "BORING". So after you get us once, you feel like life is accomplished well guess what it's 15 kills to 1 kill. So how do you feel now? Yeah so what? I may use the I.M.S. or the Sentry Gun, but I know how to rock them. So all you haters be quiet 'cause I'm tired of your complaining. And people who say camping is not a skill... well I believe that rushing, shotgunning, sniping, and knifing are skills. Trust me I tried to snipe before and I was terrible. So camping should be considered a skill too. Not everyone can go 40-2. So stop hating and have a change of heart. Stop calling campers skill-less ok? I'm out.


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