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    Games that never End (Nightfall)

      I've been in a lot of games that seem like they will never end with the Breeder.

      Just now for example, we were all over the place. I tried being constant, but then my teammates were running around, so I was having to follow them to shoot the breeder in the face.


      The most annoying thing is we knew exactly what we were doing, how to kill it (shoot breeders face, shoot pods, shoot eggs), yet it just went on and on and on haha.


      It didn't help that one guy kept using a Grenade Turret, and kept getting downed.



      On a side note...

      This same game somewhat proved it's how well you play rather than what class you play, that determines how many downs you get. My team went: 20, 8, and 7 downs. I had 0. There was 2 medics, a Tank and then me an Engineer. What makes that even more incredible is the fact they were all using Vultures (they upgraded them straight away it seemed).. I had no support (sentry, vulture, IMS etc). The only thing close to those, was my riot shield. Still not impressed? No armor was supplied (even though 2 people had armor) until the 11th hive!!!


      I think the difference is me knowing when to run away, and when to stand and fight. Most people, ESPECIALLY tanks, will stand and keep shooting (any alien, scout, hunter, phantom, rhino - and not just 1, multiple).. Where as no matter what class I am, I know what I can and can't kill, and when it's time for me to make a retreat.


      To be fair, the guy that had 20 downs, was also using a relic, maybe 2. My overall score was rubbish cos the drill went to about 40 a lot haha.  My score was only about 146k, the relic guy was 165k, and the other 2 were about 127k. Presumably because they were rarely sharing. The relic guy + me were the two supplying ammo, then I also supplied boosters. Weirdly I always had money, too, and was dropping some for people quite often. That never happens. The other 2 never seemed to have money (me and relic guy did).


      But yeah, sorry for the wall of text.