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    lvl 18, Platinum Division,1.70 clan kd 0.60w/l  looking to merge

      About Us

      Name: MurderonSight

      Reasons im looking to merge

      More members

      More clanwar wins

      Also im only merging members to MY roster

      Leader: Xkon-OBezzy

      Nationality:  American

      Time Zone: Mainly Central and Eastern

      Current Division: Platinum

      We are a small lvl 18 clan with21 members and a clan kd of 1.70 We been a clan since Bo2 so we have chemistry with each other,but are alot smaller now then we were then. Were active almost daily,but definitely active on weekends. We won 2 clan wars so far,but came in second or third in the rest of the clan wars. We value winning,communication,and most importantly having fun! We are looking for a clan that have members that want to go for the win and are solid role players. If you merge with me i will make you LT commander,and you have a say in the clan decisions. We are also a competitive clan: We do clan vs clan,clan practices,and clan wars. If your interested in merging then  message me on psn@Xkon-OBezzy

      Gamemodes we play:





      Search and Rescue


      Requirements(clan kd)

      1.50 kd or higher

      Minimum: 1.40