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    help my plz

      hey can some one help me

      I cant join a game it just loads for every I was so happy it was week end but it did not work plz help

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          Re: help my plz

          Hi Firewalker13,


          Thank you for your post.  Can you please let us know the platform you are on as well as the connection type (wired/wireless)?  You may wish to include the NAT type that registers in-game so that we have a better idea of your network setup.  Additionally, please indicate if you have been unable to connect for a long period of time or if this was a one time occurrence.


          Regards ^AH

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            Re: help my plz

            I am on ps3 and its wired and My   NAT: stricted and sometimes moderate

            I am only on week ends so I saw this on fed. 28 - march 2

            thank you 

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              Re: help my plz

              You could try Portforwarding or DMZ to set the NAT Type to Open. You could also try changing the Search Preference to Any by going to Find Match > Core > Press Square > Set to ANY > Team Deathmatch. Take note though that changing it to Any will allow you to easily find matches but the matches may be laggy compared to Normal and Best. Here's a link to the article in the support site for connectivity with PSN that you could try: Activision Support

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