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    DeathByVengeance, Diamond, lvl 18

      we just opted into diamond. so looking for members that can be active 10pm-2am eastern time friday through sunday everytime a clanwar is started. we've made it this far with only 3 main people playing. are k.d is 1.10 overall. 2-1.45 kds and a 1.89 kd. and .50 kd. so looking for people with 1.0 kd or higher. or if its low as long as your active then we will accept you. doesnt matter if your a girl or guy. also you can invite your friends to. and this is mainky xbox one. if anyone wants to join on xbox 360 feel free, we just wont beable to play together. i think thats it lmao i suck at making things short and simple.