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    Just had one of those games


      I just had an awesome game today. I got #1 in  free for all. Yeah I know some of you guys will say big deal. But this is my first and thats playing MW3 to prestige and Ghosts to prestige. I normally average 15 kills a game I rarely get second scorestreak. In fact in this game I dont think I even got scorestreak, maybe the guys just sucked today. I know what helped it was HIjack and there were a couple a snipers I was tagging them pretty good they were missing alot.

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          It doesn't matter if it's a big deal or not, this forum is about talking about the game so well done.


          I was having lots of great games myself until I started trying too hard to get the 10 Bloodthirstys I need with the weedy MP7 to get the gold gun achievement, keep getting killed on 4 kills or even running out of bullets, so frustrating, switched to shotgun and got a bloodthirsty in the first game.

          The current epidemic of snipers and sweaty online players isn't helping my patience, along with the fundamental rubbishness of the MP7.

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              oh man I have almost given up on the bloodthirsties for the mp7(i have 3 so far), I started ranking up another weapon. I think I will get back to it too. I working on backfire right now seems I get shot by someone else as soon as I get the weapon. BUT I think you can pick up any enemies weapon not just the one you shot. I only got 3 to go

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                Take the MP7 onto hardcore. If you're running UAV you've already got a huge  advantage on the other team (preferably followed by counter-UAV and Orbital VSAT). Domination is a good game type to go for bloodthirsties too (Unless you're in my lobby against my clan )

                I love the MP7 and have got it Nuclear a couple of times. I normally just hipfire it like a madman (this is the most fun way to use it for me. I like hipfire.) But on hardcore equip it with Quickdraw/Red Dot, using dexterity, hardline/flak/ghost. (if you don't mind playing without ghost, use a launcher (this is also incredibly helpful to your team, much moreso than people realise). Should have those bloodthirsties in no time.

                Don't use lethal grenades or a pistol otherwise this will interrupt your bloodthirsty!

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                Well done - Its nice to see the hot shot quickscopers get their comeuppance once and a while.

                Anytime you win its a big deal!

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                  I just found out about CODtv I found the clip going to post it on youtube give me few days this seams to take a while to render 2 minutes at a time then combine it on youtube I dont want to waste all day rendering got to play some lol. it appeared that the shotty guys and the sniper guys were distracting each other. I keep trying to get backfire, unfortunately I was picking up shotties and snipers I suck with both. once I seen I was winning I gave up on backfire


                  edit..might give up on this today ...no idea how to set my youtube channel up I can see the options to link youtube here on this site but i do not see where you give it your channel

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                    Yea it is awesome when you get those streaks especially when your after a camo you hardly ever come by those games

                    awesome job