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    An Error was done by BeachHead Studios

      I dont understand the reasoning behind the decision to have any clan member posses the ability to envite someone in to the clan!


      I am certain that this is causing chaos to many established clans out there. I know there are more clans now than a few years ago, But our clan has been established since 2007. There are rules and certain processes that a candidate must pass before being even considered to earn a membership. These processes, at least in our clan can take weeks. Not everyone makes it in. Its not all about how good you are, but how well you play as a team member, if your not that good at the beginning you will become good because you are playing with a syncronized team.


      I had to kick out 2 members already because they envited random folks to the clan without going through the process that the Leader of the clan established and has made us so successful in time.


      This is sad that Beach Head Studios had to undermine the faithful just to empower some new players that maybe tomorrow wont follow the Franchise.


      Beach Head Studios/Activision ;   Pay more attention to the faithful......   Trust me!