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    What changed?***** Updated!

      Has something changed in the multiplayer code?  About a month ago I had a K/D of 1.01 Not great I know but best I had ever had. Then, approximately a month ago, something changed. Now people are shooting me before I see them. I lose almost every face to face gun battle I have. I see bullets coming out of guns sideways, They are not pointed at me but I see the bullets that kill me come from the side of the other players gun. I am just curious to know what changed. I know my internet provider doubled our speeds. I now get pings in the low 20's to mid 30's where I used to get about 60's. Download and upload speed has pretty much doubled too. I would think that would have given me an advantage over others. But something is different. My frustration level is through the roof and I am pretty much giving up playing, its just not enjoyable anymore. Any one have any ideas??? Before I break this disk and throw it away!!!!!

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          Re: What changed?

          Sounds like you're on the bad side of lag compensation.


          Basically everyone is ahead of you in time.


          A lot of people have an unfair advantage over you.


          That is, provided you are suffering from the problems you describe.

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            Re: What changed?

            Ouch sounds painfully familiar, cursed lag compensation.

            I got a fiber-optic connection that is massive and got virtually zero ping.

            It change everything.

            95% of the time every thing’s fine but then a Ghillie Suit armed with an MTAR comes along and runs like a Maniac, unbelievable fast and kills me before I can even see him.

            I do hear him with Amplified Perk on and awesome Turtle Beaches.

            Do I get a beat on him; I fire armor-piercing bullets with the Ripper with a foregrip or with the AK-12 with foregrip and the speed-freak Ghillie suit can turn around drop me with a short burst.


            I said it before but it's worth repeating moderate and strict NAT-types shouldn’t be allowed to ruin it for everybody else.

            I don't know what you can do fellow brother in arms, perhaps get a new Internet supplier?

            Have a good one and I really hope you get on top of your problem because Ghost is like any other COD game quite awesome.

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                Re: What changed?

                sorry i just dont understand this.. the ghillie suit players are just the same as any other player, they dont seem to move faster for me


                strict /moderate nate type?, ive played with this before and talk about horrible hit detection.. this would not give you an advantage


                i have very good internet.. wired to the router, open nat type. open DMZ and a lagbuster, and i have 0 problems

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                  Re: What changed?

                  "Moderate and strict NAT-types shouldn't be allowed to ruin it for everybody else" is a pretty dumb thing to say.


                  Not only for the fact that someone paid $60 for a game, the same amount as you.



                  But also, because NAT-type isn't that big of a deal. Most of the time, someone only has to restart their router, and the NAT type will go back to open. It doesn't mean their actual internet connection is better, it just means they can take their crappy connection to even more lobbies, instead of being restricted to a small number due to Moderate/Strict NAT-type.


                  I'm not a networking professional by any means, but I will confirm to you through my basically crappy internet, NAT-Type isn't going to solve any kind of problems. My internet isn't great by any means, and at times I do have a Moderate NAT, but literally I only have to restart my router, and it goes back to open, with the SAME exact lag I had before.


                  My connection is fine if it's just me playing, but most of the time the lag comes from 1-3 other people using my internet at the same time. I'll still have an Open NAT, but 75% of my internet is also being used for other computers/phones/etc.

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                  Re: What changed?

                  I think it's a matchmaking issue, not enough players on-line and their placing you in long distance lobbies. I think they opened up the matchmaking window so players wouldn't have trouble finding games...Just my opinion though..


                  Try hardcore mode, avoid core like the plague.

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                    Re: What changed?

                    Is there anyway to introduce some lag or something so I get more lag compensation?


                    Unless I just hide and snipe the game is too frustrating to play like it is.


                    There are just too many times of getting hit markers in hard core only to have the opponent

                    turn and shoot and kill me to make it fun anymore.


                    Bad thing is I really like the game, I do not have to be a world beater, just would like to break even.

                    Damn near impossible with current settings, unless of course I become a hardcore camper. That's no fun!..lol

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                        Re: What changed?

                        lag comp does not make you a connection god. there are up sides and down sides to it, ultimately a bad connection is worse than a good connection


                        i have done what you are talking about i have allowed my connection benefit and seen better result, than when i choked my connection


                        when you choke your connection you do not see the person first before they see you. the benefits are spontaneous, and unpredictable.. i have choked my connection and i felt like some times I had the upper hand and the next 2 gun fights i was being one shotted.. so I do not recommend this

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                            Re: What changed?

                            That sucks!!!


                            That's it boys and girls, build a fire, bring some marshmallows, I am going camping!!!!!




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                                Re: What changed?

                                lag comp is designed mostly to help players have a fair fight.. of course its debatable if it really is effective.. i know for functionality it is needed


                                lol i also do not recommend camping.. unless thats your play style, I personally do not see the fun in that.


                                what id recommend is reset modem/router, forward the proper ports for the game or open the DMZ. use static ips for your console , and use the fastest DNS for your connection there is a program called "NameBench" that will search for this, and you just log that info in your console.. you can also do a QOS on your router.. then do a speed test and see if that helps. also calling your isp wont hurt.. mine should know me by my first name lol

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                            Re: What changed?

                            Must be those Dedicated Servers at work.

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                              Re: What changed?




                              Ok I am not saying that this is the answer, but it seems to have helped even things out a bit.


                              Here is what I did. I found a Netgear router I had in a drawer that had the ability to limit upload bandwidth.


                              I set it as a separate network..  Made the  starting address of the second router subnet mask and set the wan IP address as, then set the

                              QoS to limit upload bandwidth to 200Kbps and set the NAT to Secured instead of Open.


                              On original router I set in the DMZ zone and connected the wan port of second router to lan port on original router.

                              Now I connect Xbox to the second router



                              Maybe it is all in my head but I am now winning some of those face to face battles I was losing before. In face last night I am sure I got cussed because I know the guy was shooting me first but

                              I whipped out my trusty Vector and killed him... Maybe he was on the bad side of the lag compensation!!


                              Anyway this seems to have helped,, any thoughts? or is this just wishful thinking on my part?

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                                Re: What changed?***** Updated!

                                The lag compensation is a joke. It seems that in many situations it is simply rewarding players with a poor connection.


                                I have had instances in which I have pre aimed corners in even prefired and died to players who have simply walked around the corner had time to aim down their sights and fire without even a bullet of mine registering on them. Watching the kill camera is unbelievable. I often have had to ask my friend sitting next to me if he saw the same thing to confirm I'm not going blind. In these games my only option has been to try and maneuver myself to get a full flank on the player, the first part of my clip seems to entirely disappear into them still but at least I get the kill if I'm lucky.


                                Open nat, wired connection.

                                Here is my speed test http://www.speedtest.net/result/3270307705.png my latency is around 40-45 to the xbox servers as reported by my xbox one built in tester. I primarily play on the xbox 360 however because of the lack of chat adaptor for the xbox one. As that has been released recently my friends and I plan to move consoles fairly soon.

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                                  Re: What changed?***** Updated!

                                  I have that same ASUS router.


                                  You should change your DNS servers if you haven't already.  I have Comcast for my ISP and their DNS servers are horrible for gaming.  I've been using the GOOGLE DNS server lately and things are at least more stable.  I dunno, just my two cents.  There are programs like NAMEBENCH and DNSBENCH that can help you pick a better DNS server.


                                  By the way, throttling your own speed is just going to make things worse for everyone else, and it's not going to help you much in the long term.

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