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    Bad Ping(Middle East)



      First , i want to thanks the making of this nice game ,,,


      then , i want to post my problem , and this problem is come to all players in the Middle East [ Saudi Arabia - Emarat - Qatar ] and all Arabian Countries , Its the Ping ..


      you made a big mistake by choosing the servers system in the game , and Exclusion the Host system , and if there a Server Browser in the game , the game will be OK


      we all now , go to find a match , we choose the mod , and the system will find a match , and we start playing , the ping is bad ><


      and there is no a signal connecting to know if the ping good or bad  ..


      so ..


      please fix this problem , we love the game , and now we start hating the game because the ping !


      and For information , there is so many players playing call of duty , so please fix this problem by a small patch or update ..


      in the end thank you , and im sorry for my bad english ,,

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          Re: Bad Ping(Middle East)

               Call of Duty won't go to full dedicated servers, like other games where you can browse and join servers based on ping.  You just get matched up with whoever is available and one of the players in the lobby plays host through his machine.  There are less people playing Ghosts than older Call of Duty games.  This might be making your problem worse.

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            Re: Bad Ping(Middle East)

            This problem still exists ,,


            Please fix this problem !!

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                Re: Bad Ping(Middle East)

                Yes. I got a clan member from the middle east aswell and he is unable to play ghost.. bo2 was fine for him. But when he plays with euros he cant get a kill at all.. ive watched some of his games and its cor sure lag that ruins it cor him.

                the lag always puts  him on the wrong side of the lag.. he gave up pretty quick on ghosts and went back to bo2

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                Re: Bad Ping(Middle East)

                Im in the mid east.


                I only play local games... for the same reason. .. lag and bullet delay. I can only play domination and team death match as that is where I could only find local matches that best suits my connection.  I can't play onslaught cuz not much have it and I always get connected to outside regions which places me against the lags.

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