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    The forums...my latest attempt to prove a point

      So in my ongoing quest to get something actually sorted on these forums..

      I decided to actually show you what you could do ...


      As I said in my "fields" post I am actually familiar with Jive so know exactly what is and what isn't possible,( which is why i think jive is a pos and should never be used for a forum but anyways)


      So I spent some of the afternoon building a "forum" in jive. Here's a piccie i got bored making it look pretty so excuse the white backgrounds




      Apart from the obvious forum banner.. test and links which imho would make the forums look nicer and tidier, the more astute of you may notice (esp if you follow me on twitter) that i have been tweeting my forum .... using a special hashtag I can post directly to my forum in whatever space I want. But you do not need to use a hashtag.. The forum can be set to post tweets from specific accounts, with or without a hashtag.. that way it would be impossible for a normal person to spam the forums by using a hastag . For example I set it earlier in the day to only post if someone tweeted me with a #codchamps hashtag


      The obvious benefits and implications for these forums ( esp support) are pretty obvious imo

      Issues can quickly be relayed onto the forums by any support staff/dev , for example 1st party platforms going down, game servers going down ..., Beachhead announcing something on twitter can instantly be posted on the clan forums as well. In fact anything that is currently tweeted by Callofduty accounts could be relayed this way. It's fast, simple ,saves time and more importantly ensures information needed to be relayed to the community is.


      In fact everything I suggested was possible in my fields thread can easily be done in this sites version I know i just tested it all.. and that pesky issue where we lost the more button thats caused us to have numerous needless extra modules ect added...


      ..i know it's childish but I couldn't resist I made the webteam a ickle video http://instagram.com/p/liD88xpuDT/