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    Manipulating The Spawns


      Do you know what I am talking about?  I am not talking about spawn trapping.  If you are a camper, I'm not sure if you'll really understand what I am talking about.


      It is utlized to get the element of surprise on a person who has just spawned.  By spawning people in your area, they created a way to increase the action, or revenge get immediate revenge kills in your area.  But I have noticed, majority of the time there is a hot zone where campers in a very straight line of sight, dont get to see very much these such spawns.


      I good example is prison break.

      This hill, people tend to camp on to get that easy spawn kill, but majority of the time they wont spawn in that area.  Yes, you will get kills because they will run around that way, but many a time you wont see an actually spawn.


      What I do, is after I kill someone from that hill, I will run around to the other side of the mountain and quickly run back, and what do you know??? I see someone spawn and start to trekk towards this hill.  Easy kill, very repeatable.


      Another example on Warhawk

      People sometimes aim down this path towards the garage, if you sit there, youll be waiting a while.  Get that kill, run away from the point where  you kill the guy and turn back around and they should spawn close to you, but in front of you.


      This happens in various areas of the game, near spawn points, but if you played the game enough/moved around enough to understand spawn points, you can utilize this.


      Also, it works especially well on people who take time to look at the killcam to see where you are at.  Don't go back to the same exact spot you killed them, move over a little bit and surprise them from another side.  And if you are quick enough, Agility, Marathon....you can kill them right as they spawn.  But if you do that, you will risk the chance of getting shot by the enemy's teammate.


      Do I have a base for this?  Or am I full of it?  Test it out and see for yourself.  Too many...I might just be stating the obvious.  To campers, it will improve your game play and get you moving around just a bit more.

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          Let's not forget about the spawn points on Strikezone lol. Best place to spawn kill i think haha.

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            This is a cheap tactic thats always been in CoD. Especially FFA. You may call it manipulating, others call it exploiting. Its more like playing the spawning algorithm than the player.

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              about prison break, you don't even need to run around the hill, simply staying where you are does it and is enough...i know, came from the map some minutes ago, ending 45-5, after this game helped me a bit by giving me all my killstreaks without even move an inch^^ yes, spawning works fine xD depending from which view you look at it^^

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                  Not many people enjoy spawning and just lieing down. I personally enjoy running and gunning which is pretty difficult to do when you spawn bridge and attempt to run either hill, stumps, or river only to get killed by someone who knows theyll get a large amount of kill by just sitting in one of those spots.

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                      i'm run and gunner FOR LIFE too !!! at least at most maps, except some minor where's not that healthy to play this style, as stoneheaven f.e....what i said was meant more ironically, as i wanted to show again how crappy spawning system works in ghosts...although the thing i told was true...a sign what a fail the spawning is!

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                    Nothing new, it is what the good rushers and flankers have always understood which is why they try to rush spawns and flip them quickly.


                    Every cod has had it where a team that understood the spawn spots could manipulate them and make players spawn near where they wanted them too. And not in the traditional trap either.

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                      After doing nothing but rushing in BO2 for the whole year, I got pretty good at this.


                      I had never learned the exact spawns, I just knew how to maneuver the enemy side. It got to be second nature, I kill a guy, run to the side, kill another, etc etc. I got to be pretty good at it, and as long as nothing unexpected happened, I could survive for awhile and get some good kills.


                      Using a strategy like that also ties in with predicting player movements, which gets very easy as well.

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                          because some repeat the same pattern over and over going the same routes every time they die. Which is why if I die more than three times one route I change and go a different one at that point. time to do the unexpected. I have even suicided so the spawn system would change my spawn for me, causing me to spawn outside of the normal pattern and sometimes behind the enemy if one had pushed to far.