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    See Spot ???

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          Re: See Spot ???

          can you just tell us what it is? im not gonna give your vid a view if i dont know what im supposed to be looking at.


          the unspeakable? eats yellow snow? runs with scissors#???

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            Re: See Spot ???

            A two minute and thirty second video of an attack dog being positioned oddly on a dead body is not really a glitch in my opinion. Some could consider it foul, and, or funny, but out of the many dogs earned in MP I would also be hard pressed to believe that specific situation was "intended." This thread reads more like an advertisement for your clan's video. Thus it has been removed.


            If you feel the need to forward what you consider a "bug/glitch," then reach out to Customer Support, see the top left of your screen labeled "support," and report it to them.


            For good measure, please review our YouTube & Streaming Guidelines too.


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