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    [PS4] [US/Canada] LvL18 Platinum/Diamond div. Clan, Recruiting only 2 more!!!

      PS4 - Without Equals (WoE) - is recruiting !




      About the clan :


      - We are a lvl 18 - Platinum division clan going Diamond in April 2014

      - We play all games modes and types as it is required to do this for clan wars!

      - We are a small unit of 6 well rounded players looking to add 2  more members to the roster since most evenings we are only 3 or 4 online. We would like to fill in that gap to always have an average of 6 players online from 8pm-12am Est

      - Why we do not want a huge clan over 12 players?  In Diamond division clan wars you are only put up against clans of equal skill and same amount of members. Therefore i do not see the point into managing a huge clan.

      - We are an ADULTS ONLY clan 18+ (adult humor warning) and must have a good headset for strategic  game play communication.

      - Win % 65  (4/6 wins)

      - Clan K/D 1.23 - This is due to objective game play and not going for only the kills... unless its TDM!



      Requirements :


      - Decent Headset and great communication

      - 18 years of age minimum

      - Positive K/D 1.0 or higher

      - Clan wars participation

      - Team player and able to change your play style as required / able to follow directives.

      - Able to play North American time zone (evening hours)



      If this is exactly what you are looking for you you can add or message me on PSN (its_ _Frank)