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    Beyond Ur Level (BYL) PS3



      We are a new multi timezoned clan, which means there is no location requirements.We participate in all all game types ( core and hardcore). If you would like to join add myself baj2332.



      REQUIREMENTS all applicants must:

      Have a K/D ratio of atleast  1.0

      Have a microphone and use it for clan wars

      Attend atleast one clan even or war per week

      Accept clan game invitations when online if not already busy

      16 or older




      Clan events wll be held weekly to set up squads for clan wars,


      SQUAD WARS:we want to have multiple teams who play well as a unit.Face off against other squads and players within the clan to EARN your position on the top squad, we would like to have 5 squads and keep our clan tight knit and not to over excessive


      Weapon Specific matches: want to play and all sniper game, or all pistol game we will have events set up to support that




      We as a clan are currently you in the platinum division with just 25 guys. As we get bigger and better we will be dominating in clan wars. We use call out tactics to defeat enemies. We are looking for guys that can be on somewhat in the afternoon because most of us work.


      EVEN MORE!!


      Not everything here has been listed but if you would like to know more info or apply to join us you can contact me if you have any questions. Thanks