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    The Smegs Recruting Now

      Hello!  We are a relatively new, level 15 clan based out of the US that is committed to leveling up and reaching the top.  We are looking for active Call of Duty players with at least a 1.0 KD and/or good W/L ratio who want an exciting opportunity to join an up and coming clan.  We participate heavily in clan wars, and  won our last two, and most recent, clan war by over 300 CP and gained numerous rewards.  Our current clan KD is 1.17 with 7 members and we play all kinds of game modes but mainly Blitz, Domination, Kill Confirmed, Search & Rescue and Team Deathmatch.  A mic is not needed to join the clan and play with us but it is helpful if you have one.  If you are interested in joining the clan or have more questions you can friend me on XBOX, ImHAZLAAR or CowardCarrion, and I will send you a clan invite and/or answer your questions.  Thanks!