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    Looking for a league team PS3

      vGoaTT here looking for a league play team to play with.


      Tired of the people who don't call out or anything, and the people with the "same name" clans doing terrible and make me wonder why the are even playing as a "clan"



      I played a game of CTF on slums, my whole team called out everything and it was great, it was the best match i played since it was a close one. Whereas some games have squeakers that make my ear bleed...


      1. no squeakers.


      2. Call out.



      Obviously my PSN is vGoaTT




      I'm gold rank 30-40 in league atm, last seasons i was platinum 10-20.


      I call out, I can snipe on Hardpoint but i prefer M8 on SnD and MSMC for the run n gun type gaes.


      My kd is 1.55 atm, but since i only play league nowadays, yeah there's booters but it's a bit more fun than regular play.