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    plz help me on ps3 bo2

      I can join on line on ps3 bo2 waited for 2 hours does nothing  and reply I think its internet my I got the internet upgraded but that's when its started I think it was open before BUT PLZ HELP

      I am on ps3 and its wired and My   NAT: stricted and sometimes moderate

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          Re: plz help me on ps3 bo2

          G'day Firewalker,

          I've read your previous requests for help. You say that you have strict and moderate Nats, This is the problem.

          Please give the following link a read, it is for Call of Duty Ghosts, but all the principles are the same.

          Achieving Open NAT - port numbers included. Ghosts V2

          Post back here with any questions you might have

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              Re: plz help me on ps3 bo2

              thanks I don't know my ip status thing I am going to figure it out later but I tried online and it work for the first time in 3 weeks so I know it works but I need the open NAT after the game everyone disappeared and could play after that my friend got on but that's it

              thanks again plz reply as soon as posible 

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                  Re: plz help me on ps3 bo2

                  If you do not have an Open NAT then your connection will not be consistent.


                  Do you know how to access your router's home page?

                  Do you know how to change the PS3's network settings?


                  All the information you need is in the link I provided you above. Give it a good read to understand. Use the Additional Resources down the bottom of the article to make the changes you need.

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                      Re: plz help me on ps3 bo2

                      but you don't understand ... my nat was open and now it switches to strict or moderate!

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                          Re: plz help me on ps3 bo2

                          Hang on Nuttin - are you saying you are having problems?

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                              Re: plz help me on ps3 bo2

                              no ... was being a smartazzz


                              On a more serious note, I was having problems. With every COD, too. Well, except for COD4. Don't know on that one because my disc, if you hold it just right in the light, you can see it has two tiny cracks (without wrinkles and cracks you be after seven years and 6+ months in-game time). In every other COD, I was having lots of lag issues. Seems to get bad again after every update.


                              But most of it has gone away. I updated the firmware on my router for the first time ever.

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                                  Re: plz help me on ps3 bo2

                                  Thought so


                                  True story --> I couldn't get Ghosts NAT Open via port forwarding. Turns out my new router needed a firmware update that directly addressed port forwarding. Thing was, this update was soooo special it was unable to be recognised by the routers automatic update which I had enable. That was frustrating.

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                                      Re: plz help me on ps3 bo2

                                      Yeah, I don't want to put on what macc so affectionately calls the tin foil hat ... but something seems up with the net. My laptop almost never goes below a 54Mb connection to the router, but as of late, it will drop down as low as 18. Before I updated the router, my wife and I both were losing connection completely. This was most observable during peak hours. Most of the lowered speed is during peak times still. As for gaming, until late Jan to mid Feb, I could game with 4 bars in every COD and without lag in Ghosts. Even back in Dec when they were dropping updates, that night I would see a little lag but it would go away after a few matches.


                                      My bro and I both had to deal with NAT issues. His was mostly because his router had never been set up correctly to begin with. Mine I couldn't figure out. Finally it just started jumping to strict or moderate randomly, kicking me from lobbies - all kinds of weird stuff I had not seen in years.


                                      Like I said, the firmware update has helped remove almost all of the issues. But I still keep finding myself in lobbies that should not be laggy but are. I've been playing older games to try figuring it out because you can see the bars in those lobbies.


                                      The only things I've see as far as any patterns go ... every time the forums report an update, there is a spike for one or two days in lag. On the forums there is a spike in NAT issues. I wouldn't go so far as to say that the time of day is an issue, but it feels that way. For Euros, I see connectivity and NAT issues being posted mid to lat afternoon. For usa, late evening.


                                      Note - the usa "turned over control of the internet" - whatever that means - recently. Also, Google announced increased encryption and they've got their hands in everyone's pot one way or another. I don't know if any of that has anything to do with anything or not, but there's a lot of coincidences going around


                                      Most notably are the increase in bans shortly after the spikes in NAT issues.


                                      If I was a gambling man, I'd wager just shy of a princely sum IW/TA/SH has found a way to identify artificially throttled connections. I've been thinking this for more than a month when, during one round of bans, I saw a number of the complaints coming from people playing with connections through their phones. I've also seen that a LOT of the people having connection issues have wireless connections from their consoles to their routers & gateways - which is one of the very first fixes people should try when having connection issues.


                                      Notice, though, that the mods aren't often suggesting going to a hard-wired connection? Yeah. The future of gaming involves wifi. So suggesting people hardwire their X1's and PS4's is not in the best interest of Sony or Microsoft.

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                                          Re: plz help me on ps3 bo2

                                          For extra gaming stability mate use the Qos feature of your router. I don't particularly bother with mine - as I'm not sharing my net much, especially since little bro has moved interstate for uni.

                                          Wifi being number one - impossible / or it shouldn't be. One thing is certain,, a hardwire always delivers better stability and lowest ping. (unless of course your ethernet cord is fubard.

                                          As for the cycle of update / NAT issies / bans  --> I can only suggest that it is a natural progression of cycles. Of course, there are exceptions. Such as the 4 March Xbox One update totally screwed matchmaking to the extent I wa playing in USA lobbies and my NAT went moderate. Had to add an extra port 3076 --> Open NAT. Alas, still USA lobbies. Xbox One had an update on the 14th, which has been given no explanation by IW. Yet, mysteriously I am now back playing in Aussie lobbies / and I'm hearing less peeps talk about being in far fetched lobbies from other countries. That is a case of IW not manning up and saying "We stuffed up" --> even though they then fixed it.


                                          If game developers / console manufactures put time and effort into explaining router and console set up then there would be less shennanigans of folks trying to cheat the system. Alas, such logic is lacking by the powers that be,


                                          hhhmmm - we are sort of hijacking the OP's post.

                                          Sorry Firewalker --> I hope you are having better luck.

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                                  Re: plz help me on ps3 bo2

                                  yes i know now thanks for your help i will do it on the weekend i think what happened is my dad got the enternet strengthed so something got chaiged ttyl

                                  thanks igain i will tell you if it works or if i need more help 

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