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    Diamond Division Invite

      I seem to be on this forum a lot lately, but I am the clan leader for a smaller newer clan and we just earned our DD invite.  When I entered the area of the app to opt in it tells me that the leader of our clan can opt in and select a region.  I am the Commander so I am confused as to why the app is stating that the leader needs to do it.  Is this a glitch that I need to have someone fix or what?

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          You may want to ask over in GHOSTS CLANS or hit them up on Twitter. May be your best bet.

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            make sure you have the right account linked when you go into the app ,, some people play on multiple systems and it throws them off when looking at the app if they are on a different account,,  are you still the leader of your clan ? Does the clan management icon show up when at the my clan page ( helmet with a gears in it in the upper right hand corner) ?  They do list a website in the news feed for diamond division opting in that is currently down they are aware if it and say they are trying to fix it.

            for these type of issues as previously stead would be better suited in ghost support or ghosts clan discussion forums.

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                I only have my one account and I am still listed as the clan leader.  I tried re-installing didn't change anything, I only hope that the site is down and not that I am glitched somehow.  Thanks for the helpful answer

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                  Well I'm waiting on an invite for diamond an how long will that take cause my clan just won our second platnuim. And why is it that call of duty can't keep a good app going they had this problem in MW3 and Black ops 2 on the elite and now this can they not run a good site cause I know they can afford it cause as much money that us gamers put in for there games you know they can do better its sad cause us true cod gamers has to deal with this and crappy servers and everything if it doesnt change by the next infinity game I'm going to battlefield