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    Note to Infinity Ward

             This is a note that goes out to Infinity Ward, and some of its players. Now before you think this is a rage post and im just bad at the game, i would kindly ask you to hear me out and enjoy.


           Infinity ward. Tell me something. Do you think you succeeded with call of duty ghosts? Do you honestly think that you made a good game? i used to wake up every morning and finish my breakfast within seconds because i wanted to play black ops 2. In that game you can get gold guns easily and get rewards for it. what rewards do you have? diamond camo? Titles? emblems? no? All you people care about is the stupid clan wars and the war cry camo. you already brainwashed the tryhards that play this game but you wont brainwash me. My friends dont even play this game. this game was ment for tryhards, not for people who want to have fun or mess around. you ruined the meaning of call of duty. the meaning of video games. your going to put people in mental hospitals because they either detroy themselves or they think that this is the best game ever made. Those people cant be saved.

           tell me infinity ward, how much more unrealistic can you get. as much as space cats looks good on your gun, its stupid. do you see that in battlefield? now im not jumping on the battlefield bandwagon trust me ive played call of duty since cod4 and by far this is the biggest dissapiontment next to black ops 1. Your ruining your reputation, call of dutys reputation. everywhere i go i hear a little kid talking about how he had sex with my mother last night. does the case not say rated M? call of duty used to be a bad ass game not its a toy for 9 year olds.

           I hope this game changes or even just put the ump in multiplayer