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    2 Suggestions - Agree? Disagree?

      Ok so straight to the point:


      1. If you're using a riot shield (either on your back or in front of you), if a scorpion's gas cloud hits your shield directly, it shouldn't "spill/drip" all over the floor, creating a huge puddle of gas around you like all the gas clouds currently do. Instead, what should happen is, it should deduct 2, 3 or even 4 away from the shield melee/health. After all, a shield is there to protect. It protects against everything else, right? Including rhino's and phantoms. So why not against the scorpions lasting gas cloud (it makes sense). I figured deduct multiple from the shield since if the cloud was on the floor and you stood in it, it would take your armour/health, and since it is an acid, it makes sense to cause more than the one damage to the shield.
      2. I'd love to see other aliens come in meteor's. Similar to the cage things on Nightfall, where you can either get a hunter, rhino, phantom or multiple scorpions. I think it could be cool if you got 2 seekers a hunter and rhino. Meteor's otherwise are boring, and easy to destroy the seekers (if you're using explosive then they are super easy).



      So what do you think? Yay or nay for one or both?