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    Finally beat Hardcore!

      Finally beat it yesterday. We had 4 games total (not all yesterday - 2 of which was 2 of us + 2 randoms).

      The first game, we got to the second barrier hive and got over run by rhinos. I mean over run with them like crazy. There was about 5 or 6 haha. We did hold out though very well - somehow. Another minute and the helicopter would have destroyed the hive. But we died from the rhinos.

      The second game we got to the crater and died half way through. That was frustrating.


      Third game, we died attempting the 50% challenge in the second area, I think the first hive in that area. Maybe the second.

      Game 4, we were in a full lobby/party yesterday, all of us decent players. And we did it!  No relics, but such a relief haha.


      We were pretty lucky when it came to challenges this time. The other times we had the 50% one EVERY game which caused issues. We did 12 of the 14 challenges (that includes the 2 barriers) What was great is, we didn't get the 50% challenge at all. When it got to the last two hives, you usually have either: Accuracy, Traps, Leper, Spend $20k, Drill Health. I may be missing something but don't think I am. However, the challenge we had - which I have never seen in regular, so it's possibly a HC exclusive - is 25 kills using Assault Rifles.



      I'm no expert, but some useful tips for HC POC in my opinion.

      • Have 1 engineer. Get your engineer to upgrade his class ONCE very early on, so he/she can repair the drill faster. You want to be able to repair it fast if it gets damaged.
      • Use Incendiary ammo. We failed the first times because we used explosive. We figured it'd be best because of just how many meteors/seekers come in the first 2 areas (which is a lot). Incendiary will also help you tear through the 2 barrier hives really quick, which is what you want/need, because you get rhino's otherwise.
      • In the very first area, just after the first hive, there's no real order to do them in except I will say LEAVE THE MIDDLE ONE FOR LAST. You know, the one surrounded by the electric fences. You get scorpions, scouts AND seekers on the final hive of this area. So this will help eliminate some seekers and scouts. It wont kill any scorpions because they are on the roof, however, it will allow for you and your team to shoot the scorpions.
      • With the above mentioned, make sure your team stand back from the fence, because if a seeker climbs up and exploded, the radius will hit someone, then it will cause damage to the person who activated the fences, because of friendly fire. My health went down a lot due to this, and me having no mic lol.
      • TEAM BOOSTER. Team Booster. VERY important. I only upgraded the team booster 2 times in total for the whole game. The reason being, that gives you 30 seconds, right? Now, if you throw that down twice (be sure your team pick the first up before throwing the second)., it will stack, totaling to 60 seconds. Make sure your booster supplier is on top of supplying them because they do make a hell of a difference. I would throw another booster down as soon as the time remaining got to between 20 & 30 seconds.
      • In addition to that: we had 1 person have ammo at upgraded to +2, another person had their's upgraded to +3. The other 2 had concentrated on fully upgrading armor. Make sure you have 1 on your pistol from early on in the game, and for anyone who is a medic, put one on that too. The speed will help immensely.



      That's all from me. If anyone else has tips they wanna add for people, that'd surely be fantastic.

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          Re: Finally beat Hardcore!

          Congrats to you, and your teammates on the survival of a HC run. I have always tried on Mayday Solo or plus 1 teammate. The difficulty doesn't get too overwhelming unless we add more teammates. That is where I begin to struggle...

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              Re: Finally beat Hardcore!

              Regular ammo +2, another guy running special ammo+2

              body armour +4, maybe 2 people running it

              feral instinct +4 for extra duration and somebody doing hand boosters


              +3 on medic with its reviving teeth ability.

              +2 sentry guns


              if any remains, + 1 pistols and other stuff.


              for score runs, just a few tips. explosive ammo will kill you quickly! bad ammo choice on this mode! portable turret and most other things will damage you when shooting at team mates so relic runners can use the grenade turret as it does not.

              activate the traps and almost always be mobile.


              I had a friend do 1 relic when his first PoC hardcore co-op escape and he was top 500 for it XD

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