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    Looking for a good zombie grief clan?

      Hi zombie shooters!

      I know you probably get loads of threads like this: here is mine.


      I play zombies on Xbox and enjoy playing Grief. While I like playing with randoms, it does get a bit annoying when you can't discuss tactics and the team shoot the zombies you're trying to lure towards the enemy.


      I'm looking for a good clan or team who play on xbox and play grief. I don't care which map, whether it is town, farm, cell block or borough. If any of you are in clans or would like me to join a clan, then please reply

      ABOUT ME:

      I am knife rank on zombies. I think I'm pretty good, but i do go down the odd time on an early round o_o

      I'm mature and I'm a good team player. I will try and revive people



      MY GAMERTAG IS CycloneChilli


      Any good clans?