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    [PS3&PS4][US&UK] F.W.M.Y.K.I.G.I. Clan recruiting members

      My clan F.W.M.Y.K.I.G.I. is recruiting. You must be active during clan wars, have a mic, be at least 17, and be active at least 4 days a week. We hold tryouts at about a week in length. All you have to prove during the tryouts is your skill and that you are active. We are currently level 14 and in the platinum division.  If you are looking for a clan and would like to have some fun on COD with some awesome people, send me a message on PSN, or reply on here, and I will send you a friend request and we can start tryouts. We are also looking for a hardcore leader and looking for more ps3 and hardcore players because we don't have as many in each category. My PSN I.D. is usabob13 if you are interested in trying out. I can't wait to dominate with all of you!