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    Onlsaught DLC missing?!

      OK, so I bought the season pass the day that the Onslaught DLC came out. And it's been working absolutely fine since. Played it last night, no problem. Turned it on tonight, went to find a MP game, and suddenly there was no Onslaught option on the playlist. Have tried everything I can think of, closed the game and restarted, turned off the PS4 and on again, but nothing? Then I went into the store, and for both season pass and onslaught map pack it clearly says purchased. Tried to download it again but it just comes up with an error, presumably because I've already got it?!


      So frustrating, really enjoying S & R games on the new map pack. Can anyone suggest anything as to why it won't load for me??

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          OK, well nothing worked so I've now deleted the onslaught map pack from the PS4 download list and I'm downloading it again to see if that works!

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              I had no problems till yesterday. I turned on my ps4 went to create a class and my maverick sniper rifle was gone and replaced with a knife. Then I noticed dlc maps not available to play. The store says I've purchased and installed the dlc. Wow 3 months since release and they still can't get it right.

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                  Well I deleted the Onslaught DLC, and re-installed it and that didn't work, so then I deleted the season pass download and the onslaught download and re-downloaded and installed both of them and that did the trick! 2 hefty downloads though which meant waiting till I could play, so not very happy!

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                  I had downloaded the map pack and then didn't actually play at all for a few days because of work.  then i had to download a 1.7gb patch and then played.  I had the new weapons for a day. then the next time i logged in...they were gone.


                  i must say that first night of play with the new weapons i never once saw one of the new maps besides free fall...so i don't know if i was already having issues.  i just went to play online find a game and to infected or domination. 


                  next time i played those new weapons showed as needing downloaded to be able to be used...tried seeing if i needed to reinstall the file but there was no way.  so because I had originally downloaded all those updates and maps on mobile broadband...nearly 8 gigs at a cost of 5 bucks a gig...i waited until i could get to a friends with unlimited access and deleted CoD Ghosts and redownloaded all the patches.   Still won't let me access any of the new content


                  pretty annoyed at paying for the dlc expansions and deciding to use mobile broadband to be able to use them sooner and having over 80 bucks being wasted for all intents and purposes.


                  anyone given you guys any actual help?

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                      oh and i know that the dlc works for plenty of people as i've been shot by the new sniper version plenty of times LOL

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                          The only thing I know for sure is that free fall wasn't available to lobby's like team deathmatch until recently. Even the new onslaught maps have to be played in a dlc lobby that mixes deathmatch with domination and kill confirmed. This is just for a limited time and is normal. However the new maps and gun just disappearing is a glitch. Renewing licenses doesn't fix either does deleting and reinstalling the content.

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                      Ok, this is getting ridiculous. It's happened to me again.


                      Played the game last night absolutely fine, finish and turn off the PS4, turn it on again tonight and low and behold, no Onslaught content available on the playlists. Its just disappeared again.


                      Last time I had to delete the dlc and season pass files and re install, but that's 5gb of download.


                      Surely someone must know what's causing this to happen?

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                        Surely someone else must have had this happen to them, or know why it's happening?


                        It's absolutely crazy that I've now had to download this Onslaught map pack 3 times, when it was still showing as installed. To make matters worse, it downloads 2 x 5gb files, so 30gb of download just to play it consistently.


                        Someone must have answers, or something I can do to stop it disappearing again?



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                            We all have to wait for the update that was supposed to come out yesterday.

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                                Sorry, I'm not sure you understood what I meant.


                                I realise that the Onslaught DLC is in a seperate playlist, but my point is that last night that playlist had totally disappeared meaning I couldn't play the new maps.


                                I have since deleted the DLC and then re-downloaded it and installed them again and now they are showing up. But that's the 3rd time that I've had to do that, which obviously isn't right.


                                Please don't think my first line was being sarcastic, it wasn't, I just wanted to explain clearer!

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                                    it could be that they blended map pack 1 with the older maps (i.e. whiteout), as they tend to do this with each cod around this time, up until the last map pack, in which they might break it up again and then have all the map pack as a separate playlist... dunno if this is true, since infamous has came out i've hardly been on cod... as it a load of rubbish now as u dont get rewarded for play objectives anymore but might play when the rippers back


                                    PSN: davidbowerman if u want to have a few games

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                                Hey there guys, this happened to me aswell.. not sure how or why it happens, all i know is that i redownloaded the DLC then went into my ps4 settings and did this and it worked perfectly!


                                1) settings -> PSN -> Restore Licenses

                                2) settings -> PSN -> Activate as your Primary PS4

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                                  wth there was an update and now its missing again. anyone else having this problem?