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    Level 25 Max - MLG - Diamond Division - (PS3)

      Hello all COD Ghosts players. Let me introduce myself, I am GiJLS1988 leader of clan Klutch Killas (KKLS), we are a level 25 Max clan. Yes  we have red clan tags. We are a serious organized clan that takes the game seriously. At the moment  we have 12 members, that is because we are  very particular in  who  we allow to join. Our clan K/D is 1.52 and our  win % is 65.  Most of our players are in the U.S. or Canada and have working headsets. As far as clan wars history is concerned  we have  won 5 platinum division, and have won both diamond division clan  wars.  On the Diamond Divison Leaderboards  we  are ranked 11th overall and top 5 PSN clans in the  world.  We have plans of going competetive in MajorLeagueGaming.  So if you have competetive experience in COD thats a plus.  There will be a trial period before you are invited into the clan, so dont expect to be sent a clan invite right away.  We are looking for members that  want  a clan to be a part of and stay around for a while. If you are looking for some free  warcry gear this IS NOT THE CLAN FOR YOU! 

      Here are the requirements to be considered:

      - Must be active daily

      - Must have 10+ days played on  account

      - Must be 18 years or older

      - Must have 1.5+ K/D

      -  Must  be strong S&D, Dom, TDM player

      - Must participate in Clan  Wars and MLG

      - Must have a working headset  with good communication skills

      This is a clan of mature people, Not little kids that jump from clan to clan. So if your looking for a good clan this might be the one.  If you are serious send me a message with the subject line saying "clan" in the message please put your K/D, age, location. PSN: GiJLS1988

      Follow us on Twitter @ KlutchKillas and @KKLS_GiJLS1988

      Demo Comp - YouTube (Make sure to change  video quality to HD  when  viewing)