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    Gamer rep - is yours the same?


      So I've been having a good week on ghosts, my aim is on point, reading the respawns well and am massively in the positive K/D most games.. A bi-product of that is a load of people whining that I'm hacking or aim bot, the usual really.. One chap was so upset that he was walking me through how he was reporting me.


      Now this doesn't bother me because I haven't got a hacked XboX ( in fact it's actually quite flattering), but I did look at my gamer rep today and saw that 89% of people avoid me!! Most of my other clan chums are around 60-70%..


      Is it normal to have these kind of Gamer reps?

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          Yep, if you do well and win often players will avoid you because they don't like being beat by you. Instead of being smart and preferring you in hopes of getting on your team for easier wins.


          Welcome to the gaming community where if you beat someone too much your a bad person.

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            I always thought that if someone sends you a friend request it should add a prefer to your reputation. That would help balance the butthurt people who avoid you for no reason.

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                I know for a friend request is sort of like a prefer.. so why not just have it auto add it..otherwise why friend request...


                "I want to be friends.. BUT... I dont want to play with you unless I say so."

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                  Not to second guess you by any means, but I, too, have a pretty high avoidance percentage. When I looked a little deeper into my "86% of people say they would avoid playing with you", I saw that the reason given was "player quits early". I will admit that I dashboard the hell out of a game if it feels "wrong". If I am simply getting my butt kicked, I take it like a man. I mean, my K/D and win% cant get much lower anyhow.

                  Just as a side note to this- EJK, I think you are the only person I have ever played a private match with, or accepted an invite from. I would never dashboard if I felt 100% sure that, as long as I am not complicit with others breaking the rules, (i.e. in a known hacked lobby, and say nothing about it) I would not be penalized solely due to the matchmaking system throwing me into a game that happens to have modders in it. My K/D would be amazing, too. We are talking in the .25 range. (Not really. I suck, but not that bad)

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                  Yeah, it's normal for a CoD gamer lol


                  I was rocking a 97% avoidance for years, dropped to a 91% recently on the plus side


                  You also have to remember that the % is only based on people that actually bothered to rate you. It may be up there like yours, but if only 8-9 out of 10 whole people rated you negatively, well, there's your % lol


                  But yes, the better you do, the worse people will rate you. Half of it is that they want to limit the chance of ever having to play you again, the other half are just butthurt.


                  I ran across a party the other night that was discussing K/D and what a "good" one was.. the one guy was seriously under the impression that a 1.0 flat was "pretty good".. when it's baseline average.. all it says is that you aren't all that great, but you aren't horrible either lol it's a break-even ratio.. needless to say, he and a couple others were quite upset when I proceeded to demolish their entire team... couple "cheater".. couple "camping p*ssy"..


                  Funny thing was, I never stopped moving O.o and they were the ones sitting in dark corners at every turn...


                  I sense I bore witness to a bunch of new players (they legit were, the most time played on their side was like 4 hours.. lol) that will turn into a collective of "blamers"... and that makes me cry... lol

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                      Thats exactly it, I've got 22 hours playtime now which gives me a huge advantage in terms of knowing where the spawns are, where people hide in their corner and how people generally play each map..


                      People on ghost are throwing out cheating, hacking or camping! It's easier to blame others rather than admit you suck I guess! I personally like it when there are good players in a lobby as there's no better way to learn than playing people better than you are (sink or swim)..

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                      The idea of rating you guys bad sounds funny to me. So I rate everyone here bad because you play better than me. I'm still going to get matched with a million other people that are better than me. This sounds stupid but maybe the time spent figuring out how to rate someone bad should be spent learning to play good?


                      Now I wanna look at my rep, should be the best out there until I learn to play good lol

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                        I have been rated avoided a lot due to actually being a skilled player and when I checked my ratings most of them were for being rude, I rarely talk when I am in game and when I do I usually have a buddy with me to dominate with, even though it's flattering to be accused of hacking or boosting when you don't, I do not want to be labeled as a cheater. Also I am looking for some high skill level guys to play with, I have recently had too easy lobbies and have not had a good match in while, like you said its sink or swim


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                          i had 94% for the first half of BO2, and now, from the end of BO2 and still through Ghosts i have 100% avoidance. my only thoughts on it are even if 20 people avoided you, that's a pretty minuscule number compared to the thousands of people online daily. so 20 negatives and 1 person said "yay i approve" yeah it's gonna reflect, but in reality -- stepping back it's an insignificant inaccurate percentage. 

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                            Mines 76% i think, dont worry about it lol

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                              On the old gen it means nothing but on the x1 the reputation system is supposed to affect who you get matched with more. So worse rep means you get placed with worse players. So those that negative rep you hope you get screwed over by it if on the x1.

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                                I think mine is 100% avoided. I've never really been too worried about it.  Someday I will make a friend.  Today is not that day.

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                                  I have pretty high avoidance, though most of that I believe is from the days of playing Halo 3 with a clan.  I would like to think it's recent and that I'm just good, but I digress. 


                                  I should start preferring people again.  I forgot all about it.

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                                    78 % which is surprising as I am absolutely sh!t at nearly all games I play online.

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                                      Yeah, and it's funny how your avoidance rating has nothing to do with your reputation... It seems like everyone has a five star rep regardless of how much people avoid them.


                                      My avoidance rating is only around 70%.  I think I need to start n00b tubing and teabagging more.

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                                        my killz are 2 skilld four yoo. skilllzzzz

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                                          I have people avoiding me because of my language online, which is pretty amazing because I have never spoken to a single word in the game other than to the group of guys I play with.


                                          My rep says zero votes for disruptive behaviour, zero for aggressive and so on, the only reason I have against me is unsporting behaviour which kind of surprises me because I try my very best to be the exact opposite.


                                          Maybe there should be a 'He killed me and I'm upset about it' option.